H.U.S.H? John? Fat Penguin? M.O.S.H?

Each year, every intake gets to make their own mark by choosing their name for themselves. With 11 intakes been and gone, you’ll learn all about how they came up with their names once coming to the school. You’ll even bump into them in the adworld or visiting the studio to chat or to mentor.

We are enormously proud of the achievements of the students we’ve welcomed through our doors over the years.

Here are a few who are making names for themselves in the business.

HUSH 2018/19

Aleks Atanasovski & Joe Fraser

Alex Bottner

Alex Taylor & Joe Ribton

Alysha Radia

Andy Burrell & Zoe Dawson

Antonio Castellano

Coco Shellim & Leonore Leitner

Dan Burkitt & Jacob de Figueiredo

Jemma Burgess & Gémina Flores

Josie Finlay & Charles Olafare

Karolina Kezdi

Lauren Bodiam & Lucy Pennock

Maddy Standish & Joe Colquhoun

Marta Morientes & Vic D’Andrea

Mary Kerr

Philip Gull

Rachel Ogbaretin & Tarun Chandy

Saphire Favell

Sophie Becker

Tom Flynn & Patxi Elizalde

John 2017/18

Darius Rodrigues

Jonothan Hunt

Megan Egan

Melina Filippidou & Philly Baines

Petra Andersson

Poppy Cumming-Spain

Susan McFadzean & Helena Smith

Fat Penguin 2016/17

Daisy Bard & Orla O’Connor

Lauren Peters & Augustine Cerf

Mary Johansen & Kenny Meek

Coup 2016/15

Adriano Sganzini

Drew Davies & Angus Crombie

Katy Edelsten

Matt Kennedy & Georgia Horrocks

MOSH 2014/15

Adam Taylor-Smith & Stephen Yeates

Teddy Souter & Frazer Price

Tom Manning

BARK 2013/14

Adam Newby & Will Wells

Aleksandra Wnuk

Lavan J & Kiefer McKenzie

Thomas Worthington & Greg Ormrod

Will Wright & James Lucking

Love Thy Labour 2012/13

Charli Plant & Laura Saraiva

Jack Cooney

Tom Corcoran & Tom Bender

SPANK 2011/12

Helen Parry & Thirza Prentice

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