Improv Story Telling – By @coupSCA


By Coup – The Intake of 2015/16



Ben.T – In SCA I


Nadia – had a big


Dennis – stunning idea and


Tomas – went to tell the world about it


Ben G – so I could


Laurens – impress Laura Magee.


Zac – I showed my


Matt B – really big appetite


Katy – to the crocodile


Alicia – called Marc Lewis,


Owen – he grabbed my


Ethan – love handles and


Matt K – bent me over


Nihal – into the swamp.


Federica – What a Shame


Ranj – I nearly drowned.


Sam- The thing is


Adriano: I climbed stairs


Dennis: in wonderful Climbistan


Alex: to get to


Tristan: my self respect


Becci: but then I


Nunu: discover that I


Seb: am really massive


Blaz: pile of garbage


Nick k: which looked like


Drew: George Foreman’s head.


Laura: So I decided


Souki: to eat potatoes


Angus: much more regularly


Orla: to make mash


Rihannon: with Ian Hands


Laura: Everyday for he


Nick L: is my passion


Chlo: Amen to that.


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