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G’day everyone,


What was the ad that made you run to the corner store with your best mates to buy something, when you were super young.


Maybe it was for an ice-cream. A bag of crisps. Or some Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles. 


It should be an ad that makes you go all tingly inside. 


One that takes you back to that special time. That special place.


And so Boys and Girls….


What was your favorite ad when you were a kid? 


Feel free to talk about the moment you saw it. Or what buying that particular product felt like. How did it taste?


 PS – Try and find the ad on YouTube and share the link with your story. 


Dean Shein


I guess you could say I grew up with this ad… Because I’ll always be a kid. It takes me back to early May of this year. I was working with Andy. We are both Genius 6 year olds. To this day I dream of being that little lad in the film. Prancing around. Whenever I get up to pitch, I keep his performance in mind. Oh, Hoorah!


Chris Medford (@g_medford)- Peperami minis advert


DJ: The Budweiser ants ad 




Rachael: I wasn’t allowed sugar as a child so this never happened to me. But I remember always quoting this ad for the “hello pretty ladies”.


Alice: Apparently the kid from this advert killed himself by putting pencils up his nose and slamming his head on a desk. 


Marley: Sheila’s wheels, don’t know why but this is burned in my memory:


Alex: Nike – The Cage. Cantona as a commentator. Elvis Presley remix. Scorpion kick from Robbie Carlos to win it. Even bought the silver ball from Lilywhites. Still mastering the scorpion kick.


Katie: This little gem from 1992. Who knows why but the jingle stuck with me. Forgive me, I was 4. Never did get one of those dolls. Where do the cherries go?! Unbelievable.


Carly: You can’t beat a Betty Crocker infomercial. The OG satisfying cake decorating videos.


Phillip: Geico car insurance ads were (and still are sometimes) the peak of advertising. Here is one of my favourites: 


And anything this man ever did:


Elisa: This Ad became part of culture, every child knows this song. I can still sing it today, the lyrics are engraved in my brain. I didn’t actually like the pudding but the ads were amazing!


Ivan: This horrible Harry Potter potion set I made my dad buy for me. It was a super cool ad, but actually trying to make those “potions” turned out to be shit. Anyway, here is the ad:


Another notable mention RAINBOW ART!


Rolly: Tempo Tissue, known for its quality.


Tommy: My sister and I absolutely loved the weird cravendale ads. 


Elle:  No comment needed. 




Bastien :


Chloë: This Honda ad blew my tiny infant mind.


Aaron: I liked to chewit chewit 


Oliver: Petit Bateau – Sick Ad:


Holly:  I remember learning that they closed a street in San Francisco to film this and that they actually released all the thousands of balls down the street and thinking advertising is magic. 


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