Cat videos, Kindness and a Wasted life – By @djaydancer1

By Daniel Johnson

Cat videos, Kindness and a Wasted life

You know I was sitting down after an intense week of study. Nothing to do but watch cat videos on the internet.


It grew tiresome unusually quickly. Endless entertainment at my fingertips, all the laughs, tears, thought-provoking escapades I could wish for. 


Yet within an hour, I was bored. 

Feeling, sterile.


My mind had been stretched, twisted and broken all week. 


And now nothing?


It felt as though I’d undergoing military training, in the face of great evil, only to be sent home after their surrender. 


What to do with this newfound power? 


I can’t just sit here, I have to use it. I had a goal, and the achievement of that goal was my purpose, at least for that moment.


So it is in war and as it is with my now developing creative powers. It’s… 


It’s quite funny how we all seek a comfortable future without struggle. We feel that permanent satisfaction and fulfilment can be bartered for in exchange for some intense short term struggle.


This particular contract with the devil usually starts with I’ll be happy when…


But when we finally get comfortable, the natural tendency is to disengage from life. And we’re left with the emptiness of what we sought. 


Perhaps the biggest trapping in life may be, to be too familiar with the numbness of comfort. For that to become your normal. 


Or perhaps the other extreme, to work so furiously that all meaning flies by unnoticed.


My best friend often reminds me to be kind to myself. I can tell that he speaks from experience. Beating yourself up has its problems as a long term strategy.


In return, I remind him that the game never ends. When he was single this was an axiom of our relationships. Your single, you play the field, then you have a girlfriend now the game is to keep that interesting and providing great experiences for her. Then a wife and kids and so the game keeps going. 


The game may or may not evolve, but one thing is certain, the game never ends.


Not in your relationships, not financially, not spiritually or in your education. In no area are you allowed to hold on to actualisation. 


The game never ends. I think in many ways me and my bestie are saying the same thing. Why suffer intensely under your own scrutiny today when you know you’ll have to push the same burden uphill tomorrow and the day after and infinitum.


Be kind to yourself because the game never ends.


So now I ponder, that perhaps the only purpose of having no purpose is to recharge to get back on purpose.


And that if you seek self-gratification in escape you’ll live a numb and meaningless life.


All the while I am laid back watching cat videos, perhaps being a bit too kind to myself, knowing there’s more in me.


I think it’s time I made a change, had a game plan for my spare time. 


I know I could do great thin… 


Ooooo a puppy video



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