Weirdo on the Bus – By @TarunChandy

By Tarun Chandy


Weirdo on the Bus – @TarunChandy


Today I took the bus home from class at around 7:30. I had a green mask drawn onto my face, just around my eyes. It’s beginning to dawn on me that the marker we used wasn’t meant to be used on skin after all. I was also wearing a shiny green hat I bought in Brixton Village. Needless to say, I drew some attention. But, being still under the influence of a day at SCA, I decided to steer into the skid and have some fun with it.


As the bus stop got more and more crowded, I’d place myself behind a couple of people. I wouldn’t get too close. Just close enough so that they would sense my presence and turn around. They’d see what I looked like, give me a brief look of terror and confusion, and then quickly try to regain their composure. It took some longer than others. It got even funnier when an old lady came and sat next to me. She hadn’t noticed yet. When she did, she made the expression I would’ve made if I were seated next to Hannibal Lecter. But she was too polite to get up and leave, so she just sat there in bewildered awkwardness. It was an amusing fifteen minutes.


In other news, I turned twenty two recently. I think this year I’m finally starting to feel like an adult. Its dawning on me how tragically close I’m getting to being finally out of the educational system and into an actual job. I can already feel my hairline receding and my hangovers getting more and more painful. And normally, it’s at times like these when you start to reflect on your life and think about whether you need to make any significant changes. You question your old habits, wondering whether maybe you should’ve outgrown them by now. For me however, the reflection process invariably just allows me to make peace with who I am. To realize I love even the most unhealthy, twisted and dysfunctional parts of my personality, and that I see no reason to change unless change is forced upon me.


I really don’t think I had any idea where I was going with this SCAB when I started out. I think my initial plan was to get a little more philosophical over turning twenty two, and when I eventually got to it, there wasn’t all that much to be said. But now it’s 1:30 AM and my PB is still not finished and I’m starting to want to wrap it up. All in all I’d say this has been a great first half to the second semester. I’ve worked as hard as I’d set my mind to and I have high aspirations for D&AD. I’m relatively nervous about the comedy school showcase on Sunday, and I feel nowhere near ready. I still wake up every morning looking forward to the way I’m about to spend my day. And most importantly, I still love the people I get to spend it with. That said, I have never been more ready for a week off in my entire life. Thank you and goodnight.



The copy scores 77.3 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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