The Other Kind Of SCAB, by @ftabastot

Fiona Tabastot






By Fiona Tabastot


There’re two kinds of SCABs in this world.

What should I write this SCAB about?
– OK google: What should I write my SCAB about?
– …


Something simple, unexpected, concrete, emotional, based on a story.

I have 150 words to entertain you. 2 minutes to convince you.

I guess I shouldn’t have wait till the last minute.

I guess I should have begin with a more catchy sentence and should have listen to Caroline and Garry Provost. (If only this SCAB could sing.)

As Ben & Edwina said, the longest bit about a SCAB is deciding what to write about.

They are right. In a way.

For me, the real problem is not just finding what to speak about. The real problem is that each piece of writing includes taking some time to reflect about myself.

In a way, writing a SCAB is exposing myself. Getting naked.

But sometimes, I don’t want to think. I just want to live for today, even if it means avoiding the truth.

Ignorance is bliss.

There’re two kinds of SCABs in this world…

Some of them taught me something about myself. This one won’t.

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