Londonian, but not from here. – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


Londonian, but not from here. 


A desk in Brixton neighbourhood at Pop, some coffee mugs lying around and music playing in the background. Picture of a meeting, with a 22 years old creative motivated to take his place in this hard world. 


His artist name is Khalart which is related to the word khala that means cry in Zulu language his art is reflecting in an oniric way the sadness of our society. Coming straight from Paris, he throws himself directly into the lion’s pit to succeed in advertising. Putting less time in things that are « not important » to him like going out or leisure, his daily routine is rhythm by the making of his portfolio, the writing of his stories or the making of adverts. For his first project in solo, he will propose 4 adverts: « San Pellegrino », « Lambeth library », Burger King », «The Uncommon ». Those ads evoke his artistic skills, the change that has occurred in the last months and intrigue. He represents a new colour into the advertising world who will be the first of his different projects, here he depicts a bright colour. With his future partner who will do his visuals, the goal is to the long term to start his agency.


If we think that life is somehow due to luck or destiny, Khalart thinks to choose his side and show it through his work. He promises to his mother that he will succeed and see his life as a succession of signs. He is like on a mission that he will not abandon, not until it will be completed. 


Writing has a predominance place in his projects, he won’t work if you don’t have written down that message. That is why his references are precis and well-chosen to be in relation with who he is. “For me, a bad advertisement is due to marketing. And marketing is like a nuclear weapon, brands use it because other brands have it. Ogilvy incarnates for him: “the face of advertising”, “A lot of people that work in advertising are not in childhood mode, some creative speak of it as the must”. However, he does the difference between the creative that he like and the one that he pays homage to. In other domains like movies, he gives a lot of interest in films from Tarantino and Coppola, as well as filmmakers from la nouvelle vague like Cocteau or Godard and he loves La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz classics that we don’t have to present anymore. 


Paradoxical figure, he gives us a quick look at his history. He’s been doing ads for the past 3 years in his room. He loves to listen to some techno music from time to times but what he wants to listen to is some good old reggae. When you look at his portfolio you’ll be put in the frustrating position of mystery and ego trip. Despite this lexical field, at first sight, you don’t suspect that style of art when you see him. Khalart has that unique personality that you will come to love, with that rare capacity of seeing the potential in your ideas. A real desire of revenge emanates from him. 


Ps : @_khalart_



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