Melodrama, blah blah. – By @EllieDag

Melodrama, blah blah.

So, we know the date of our portfolio day. Although I actually keep getting it wrong – start of August. 

Not a huge shock, we sort of knew it was going to be around then. And honestly it should have been months earlier. 

How do we feel? Marc says. Tired. To be honest. The prospect of prospects and money still sit seventy days away. 

Elisa writes it on the window behind her, attracting hornets from across the country. Nearly as helpful as the live partridge my cat brought in the other day. 

Were we still in the real world, I think the idea of leaving would make me very sad. It definitely did back at Christmas, when we realised we were a third of the way through. But as things stand, I don’t feel like there’s much for us to leave. 

Melodrama, blah blah. I am still eternally grateful for how Marc has managed the transition to SCA 3.0, now in fewer dimensions. To echo the guys on LBC the other day, this guy Marc Lewis really knows his stuff.  

What he can’t change is that the best thing about the school is the people, and we can’t see them anymore. And as things stand we will never, within the context of the school, see them again. 

Video chat is not the same. Plus this lot get bitchy as hell when they’re down. And everyone’s down. So our student chat is a never-ending storm I dare not venture into. 

To anyone reading this thinking of doing the online version of the school – this isn’t meant to scare you off. The teaching is still amazing, the school is still brutal. And had I signed up for this version from the beginning, my expectations would have been more than met. 

I just miss being able to take a break to chat with Krak-heads. In this virtual version, we stare at screens so much the idea of looking at them more during breaks is a nonstarter. 

And then at the end of the week or day, when we do have a drink together, we turn the chat off at the end of it, and we’re just at home, drunk, alone.

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