Quelle osmose !

“L’osmose, quelle en est la raison?” 

“L’osmose, quelle en est la cause?” 

“Osmosis, what is the reason?” 

“Osmosis, what is the cause?” C

Nine weeks of studying at SCA have passed and it’s soon time to say goodbye. I don’t want to waste my time saying how sad I will be. That is not the point. But I feel the need to share this wonderful experience, it may sound cheesy but it is something that makes SCA different from other schools. 

But I need to speak about it first, what an osmosis! 

Harmony and Kindness 

As I wrote in my first scab, I was surprised how friendly SCA was, but it was just my first three days and I didn’t have the time to think about it. 

There is a wonderful sense of energy that leads us to do better with every step we take. Same tempo, different pattern, everyone has their own set of skills and are always happy to help you or give tips on what they are great at. 

Mutual help and no feelings of toxic competition 

We don’t try to put spokes in each other’s wheel, sharing is caring, the more we help each other the better we are and I think it is one of strongest branches of this tree boat. There is no place for ridiculous competition, it would be a lie to say no one wants to win a brief, of course you want to prove to yourself you’re not doing shit and one day you’ll be able to achieve the best you can. But no place for ego trips. The point I want to make is that we always compliment everyone for their work, there will always be something you did that will be liked by SCA-mates and if not we will always find something to say to cheer you up. 

I guess if we were all competitive rats, this wonderful union wouldn’t exist. And it’s scientifically proven that being nice increases your good mood, and 

gives you clear skin (source @Y2kute_ ) so why would we waste our time putting each other down when we can help each other be better?

Helping each other for the best 

We all have our own creative universe that we help grow and design, we all have doubts and imposter syndrome, let’s be humble but true: we are sick guys! Some people have gained a whole new set of skills in these 9 weeks compared to students who have been learning for a couple of years and I am so impressed! It may not be my place to say that but honesty is often a good thing. Of course, SCA is intense but we are all in the same boat 🤡 and it is a part of the game, we know it and that is the main reason we care for each other. Same tempo, different pattern that we try to keep. 

Life lesson from SCA 

I never imagined growing that fast in only three months. By my creativity, my skills, I would be lying if I say I’m working fully at 100%, and have no excuse for that this is not the place. So creative growth is done. There is also a wonderful life lesson I learned, by being nice and having no judgment will always lead you to good things. Ok maybe it’s a cultural difference, as in France we are maybe more judgmental or we always find something that is wrong. Thank you for teaching me that and for forgetting about the barriers I built around myself because I was not comfortable with my work, my place in a group, and I am still learning.


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