Having a routine

Today, we are going to talk about the importance of having a routine. 

For me, having something that you do everyday makes me feel good. In the sense that, if I still have time to do it, it’s all good. 

It’s definitely a moment when you do something that you like, a moment for yourself. 

If it happens everyday, I’m telling myself that it’s fine. At the end of the day, if I still have time to do this part of my day, that is my moment, it’s all good. Everything is ok at this moment. 

The main routine I have is just before going to sleep. I feel that having a routine at that time of the day is the best because whatever happens in your day, you will always go to bed. Even if the hour I go to bed changes –mostly with book inspection– I always have time before sleeping. 

Well so my routine is drinking tea (caffeine free) while I’m reading my book. I’m definitely not a big reader but I try to do it more and more through the years. For example I have this book since September for only 500 pages, but slowly and surely I’m going to finish it one day (or not, well I hope I will).

Anyway, what I like about this routine is that I completely forget about the work, my day, problems or anything. I’m in the story and that’s the only thing I can think of. Sometimes I can have inspiration from it, from the characters, the story in general or even the way the writer wrote.

I love the book I’m currently reading from James Lee Burke. It is my father’s favorite author and all his books take place in New Orleans. We went on a trip there a few years ago so my father can really see the famous locations of the book. At that time I wasn’t reading any of James Lee Burke’ book but it just felt nice to see my father enjoying seeing those places. Now that I am reading the book, I can picture the location and imagine the characters there. 

Going back to the main subject, I have another habit. Well I don’t know if it is a real one but I love to cook. Everyday I just love the moment I’m asking myself « what will I eat tonight? » and then I look at the fridge and start to combine stuff together. 

Same as reading, I am just thinking of peeling, cutting and all the process. Usually it takes me about 40mn to cook something and during that time I’m relaxed and I love it. Well then I have to wash everything I used and that is a bit annoying but anyway. 

I am going to try to find new habits, maybe on the weekend, do something that I love and spend time with myself. 

See ya 



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