Freewriting is – By @philgull

By Philip Gull


Freewriting is


A creative technique used for unblocking the mind not from any exterior obstacles but the self-made mess of limiters and pauses it creates for itself but also a good ‘experimental’ SCAB when the truth is I haven’t planned or managed for this one at all, and I have spent all day in a stuporific haze thinking and failing to think about long copy that liberation from my own block is quite tempting as well as being wholly necessary,, I think, for my own writerly well-being anyway to return to matters more past and most future and less present although perhaps antithetical to the process of freewriting (but if in freewriting the mind can wander why can it not wander through the corridors of time as easily as alighting on new places and a range of subjects) I got excited today not because of d and a d because we are in the desert of the brief at the moment but because me and joe put a book together to go and see r dash g a with on Thursday and you know what, we got to eight campaigns that probably won’t make a July book but also I feel I can show without too much cringing to the creative directors and that feels really, really good and reminds me also why I’m here and what it is I’m doing it all for so onwards and upwards and out for crits and back in for perseverance and grit and making real campaigns that solve peoples fucking problems and aren’t just three milquetoast posters coasting on ideas of what advertising is handed down a generation ago,, I want to future-proof myself I think, I think more than perhaps any other student at SCA I need to future-proof myself, the lands and scenes I like to live in and drift to are hopelessly outdated as it is and part of the way I pursue the things I do at SCA is to counteract this, or try and reinvent myself off it, which is why I’m doing the Microsoft surface brief, which is why I’m excited by a digital first agency like R/GA, which is why I really should carve out the time to start coding but can’t bring myself to do it just yet,, I feel frightened enough of the future on an existential point of view that with all the nuclear armaments and the ice caps melting and falling into the disappearing rainforests themselves engulfed in a cloud of noxious urban smog in cities destroyed by civil war and terrorism it might be nice to feel, in some small way, that in the danse macabre of modern life, that I could lead, for a few stumbling steps, the future in a song, instead of being dragged haphazardly through months and ballgowns into a future in which I have no self-determination whatsoever. Anyway, one day I’m going to make some mad VR slash AI world of Geoffrey Chaucer only and as I write this I’m cringing a little and wondering as I often do, if it would have been better for everyone involved, if I’d just stayed in the library and minded my business.




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