Making momma proud… By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


Making momma proud

Moms, right?
Human beings which love is overwhelming and exceeds our expectations.
Even though we deny it, deep in ourselves we feel how much their love means to us.
We crave for their admiration and we would do anything to make them proud.
But it is hard…
Sometimes they ask from us things we don’t care about. They don’t understand and sometimes don’t even try to understand our problems, fears or desires. 
Theirs belief, in their opinion, should be ours. Their path is the only path. They spot just things they consider interesting and worth watching, even if we see this things as our lifetime achievement.
And we try hard… 
In seeking of confirmation we frustrate ourselves and try to figure out what is the thing that will make mom proud. Forgetting our desires, we copy/paste their expectations and try to fulfil them.  
Even if they should’t, they have their favourites. If that’s not us, it pisses us off. It hurts. 
If you grew up in big family, you know what I’m talking about. Chosen or not chosen, you often get a feeling that one of the kids is more important, his achievements praised more than others and everything looks like mom puts more energy, maybe even money into ones career. But not just career. Special love to chosen ones could be felt in everyday’s tasks, conversations and mom’s decisions. Those kids often have more freedom and moms trust. They are aloud to make mistakes and moms often bend rules that should be same for all the kids. 
And this frustrates us even more. Somewhere at that point we start to realise, that maybe we’ll never fulfil mothers expectations and that maybe, on our way craving it, we forgot what our desires are. Than it’s up to us to decide: are we going to take the path our mothers would take or find our own one and maybe make them be proud of us that way?
We all have different moms,
but at SCA we all have the same one.

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