Fail, fail, and fail again. By @KennyTNL

Kenny Meek

By Kenny Meek


Fail, fail, and fail again.

Christ on a bike, what a day! In my time at SCA I haven’t had a day that beat the ever-loving crap out of me like today did. Let me give you some context dearest reader. 

We begin Monday with a little tidbit from a fellow classmate. ‘It’s blue Monday everyone! The most depressing day of the year apparently!’. How right he was. Today had some of the biggest frustrations I’ve had as a creative as of yet. See, we had a challenge up ahead of us. Our young mouldable minds were about to be thrown into the deep end of the paddling pool with no arm bands. A one-day brief set to us by none other than the Dubai tourist board. ‘Bring it on’ I said to myself. On reflection the naivety is embarrassing.

After some note taking and a bit of research we begin a relentless regurgitation of ideas. What about this, what about that? It’s all nonsense and we know it. Not a single idea sticky enough to impress ourselves, never mind our mentors and the client. 

Throughout this ordeal I’m relentlessly looking for something to grab onto. Time is of the essence after all and as an art director I feel I need an hour or so to, y’know… Art Direct. I can see it in my partners eyes that we’re not hitting the mark. Her attempts to push for something else leads to my frustrations, my frustrations lead to her frustrations and we just start chucking ideas left, right and centre. We’re failing to get this big time and the urge to just say ‘screw it, we’re doing this one’ is extremely strong.

We take a moment to breath.

After a leisurely stroll to Sainsbury’s, some chicken wings and two cigarettes, we return to school. Sure enough, the mind was a bit clearer. I begin reeling off a totally different angle. She gets excited. We’re both keen on this. I don’t know if it was the break or not but we just sort of clicked. We were both happy. Was the new slant remarkable? Probably not, but it felt credible and it was certainly different to what the rest of the pack was going for. 

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