Media Opportunities – by @madsalexanderdk

Mads Neilson

By Mads Nielsen


Media Opportunities

It’s all about spotting and using them. On that note… 


I’m looking for a studio or 1 bedroom flat, preferebly close to your agency, but somewhere close to any tube station works.


My maximum budget is 1400 a month. 


Anything with carpet floors is out. No need to elaborate on that. 


The size of the room(s) isn’t important but the amount of light that comes into it is. 


No, small spotlights in the ceiling aren’t the same.


Scandinavian aesthetics are preferred.


Diagonal walls and white wooden floors is a big plus. 


If you have something similar to what’s written above, I’d be able to move in straight away.


Spread the word, share it, let it go viral and all that jazz


All the best.


Mads Alexander Nielsen


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