Tom and Jerry – @karolinakezdi

By Karolina and Mary

Tom and Jerry

Term three, coming up to half terms and I’m excited to be back in a partnership with Mary. Mary who I nearly got a restraining order with (She already has one and I’m sure I have some I don’t know about.) but I feel I’ve finally found someone I can make things with. We want to make things happen. Anything is possible. Mary is the kindest person I’ve ever met. I truly have no clue how she does it. She is always smiling and calm. I have a lot to learn!
It’s really good to be working with Karolina. She blows my mind wide open daily with the way she sees things and she is a seriously hard worker which is great as I feel I’m producing more work than I have in a while. She knows I was nervous to work with because she can sometimes lose her temper at times but within the first few days I realised that it‘s usually when she was in combat with Adobe. I explained to her that the difference between us is that I am now in acceptance that I’m shit at Adobe. Karolina I think is still in denial. She says she has now moved into acceptance. We will see.
And she’s a real badass. I have crazy stories, but nothing compared to her. I’m so confident to share all my insane idea, she just pushes it one step further. ( I wanted to knock on a Nobel prize winner writer’s door out of blue, she came with me and brought a random pineapple.) I feel I can be truly myself next to her. We are two whole people who make each other stronger, not two halves who need someone else. I completely trust her. If she disagrees I feel in my gut she is right, and we go through all the pain, and she wants to leave SCA more than once a day, but the end of they we just get our mojo back and want to prove and show the world we can do it! I’m so happy we have the same principles. We do stuff, do our best and do it even better next time. 
I’m glad to have found someone I think is certifiably more mad than me. I’m sure there must be a certificate. Her story of her she got to SCA is properly insane. I’m excited to see how our book changes over the next few weeks. I really see how important it is to be in a partnership where the other person has parts you don’t have and vice versa. I feel like we’re a good team.
I think we are different enough that we compliment each other but as crazy as each other to keep reaching for the unexpected and pushing each other to try new things. We both truly believe we can change the world. We think different, that’s similar in us. All of her previous work I envy that it wasn’t my idea so I’m lucky it goes into our book. I think she isn’t conscious about how many brilliant things connect to her name, how smart, wise and experienced she is. But I know so I will be proud of her instead of her too.

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