Things we’re looking forward to in 2019 – By HUSH – the SCA Intake of 2018/19

By  HUSH – the SCA Intake of 2018/19



Things we’re looking forward to in 2019


We’re a pack of culture truffle pigs, with our noses (and ears) to the ground, foraging for new inspiration and artful dots to collect. Here’s a selection of the things we’re excited about in 2019.


Ruby: Music. Nilufer Yanya’s new album is top of the list and we all want King Krule and Yeaji to make punchy returns. There’s a lot of exciting UK drill, grime and hip hop: Unknown T, Octavian, and Slowthai is going to be the Casisdead that we never got. British afro producer Mina (especially with vocalist Btyte) is worth watching, and I’ve even been turned onto new techno from Solid Blake. Over in the US I’m hoping Bbymutha breaks though. I think I love her.


Lucy: For me it’s all about TV shows and films to look out for in 2019. Obviously we’re all hotly-anticipating the return of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and the new Tarantino film but for me I’m mostly looking forward to Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You and Ava Du Vernay’s latest Netflix project Central Park 5. Oh and of course anything with Saoirse Ronan, Elizabeth Moss and Timothée Chalamet in. <3 <3

Joe Fraser and I are starting a podcast about all this kind of stuff so stay tuned. We’re calling it Life is But a Stream.


Charles: Like just about everybody else, I’m quite keen to watch Jordan Peele’s follow up to Get Out. If you’ve not seen the trailer to Us yet, then stop reading this blog and head over to YouTube right now. It looks like it’s going to be a mind-blowing mix of a classic home invasion thriller and something much more sinister.


More generally, I’m going to try and make 2019 the year I get back into things. Definitely going to try and see more live music, keep up with new releases and try to get back on the ball with the independent comics scene.


Saphire: Really looking forward to collecting dots this year… 2019 has a great lineup for us to absorb and get lost in. As usual I’m mostly looking forward to the all the art school degree shows. Nothing better than scouting fresh talent… after all, they are the ones who are going to be shaping contemporary art and design. Also v. excited to check out Sorolla @ the National Gallery, Olafur Eliasson @ the Tate and all the Da Vinci exhibitions… I’m obsessed. <3


Phil: Five hundred revolutions of the sun ago, young Leo passed. I’m really excited about the multitude of events commemorating Da Vinci’s death – in particular the exhibitions of his sketches and drawings. It’s great that so much of what survives by Da Vinci isn’t just perfected masterpieces, but genius in process.


Holly: Anything coming to the Design Museum. The Stanley Kubrick exhibition especially. There is also a lot of films coming out in 2019 which I have been looking forward to. Season 3 of One Day at a Time, Season 6 of B99 and of course the last season of Game of Thrones. Also pretty pumped for any galleries I get to see if I go abroad. Also the two musicals Waitress and Dear Evan Hansen that are coming to the West End.


Zoe: There are a whole load of amazing exhibitions coming up in 2019 of art & beyond: Stanley Kubrick’s work is in the Design museum April-September, Christian Dior at the V&A come Feb, Lee Krasner (Jackson Pollock’s oft-eclipsed wife) at the Barbican in May, Anthony Gormley is going to flood an RA gallery room with sea water in September, a Tracy Emin solo show at the White Cube in Feb… Plus my favourite contemporary gallery (Arcadia Missa) has recently moved from Peckham to SoHo and I’m looking forward to checking out their new space… and I will be waiting for all of Game of Thrones to come out so I can binge it all at the end.


Mary: In film I’m excited about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood because I’ve always been fascinated by Charles Manson. Us because I loved Get Out. Velvet Buzzsaw because I love anything Jake Gyllenhaal is in and The Irishman because I was lucky enough to visit Radioman on set last February. Theatre I’d love to see When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other with Cate Blanchett and Stephen Dillane at The National but it’s so popular there has been a ballot. Then on the musical front I’d love to see Tony award winning Dear Evan Hansen which I appreciate may be like torture to others.


Alysha: I have been waiting for Season 2 of the David Fincher directed masterpiece of a Netflix series Mindhunter for over a year now – filming apparently wrapped up a month ago and I’m waiting with keen anticipation for artful recreations of the sickest psychopaths in recent memory to be on my screen again. Other than that, and the veritably delicious smorgasbord of exhibitions that are coming our way in the art world, as summarised by Zoe above, the things I’m looking forward to the most are things that I am not anticipating – because I haven’t heard of them yet and don’t know of their existence. Can’t wait to learn, discover and become a fan of new things in 2019.


Dan: It’s got to be GoT. The finale is going to pop off. I can feel it in my bones. I watched the last season finale in a hostel in Jaipur, there were about 50 locals at the screening we were the only British people. It was amazing to see the global impact the show has had. There will be riots if the ending disappoints, but I think it’s going to be so hard to tie up such a vast story in a way that satisfies the audience. I also can’t wait for Forrest Clancy’s screenplay to be turned into the must-see film of 2019 – what will happen to Dr Simons??


Joe R: 2019 has a lot of exciting returners; Glasto, GoT and Tarantino will provide us all with creative sustenance. Also returning are THE band of my childhood, Foals, who are supposedly releasing two whole albums this year – I’ve got my fingers crossed that they are good’uns. I presume there will be a Star Wars in December, there really is a rather depressing routine beginning to establish itself for modern consumption of film and tv. Our spidey senses doth tingle if it has been 3 months without some addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe being released. That said, I would be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t excited for the next Avengers. Give me some more Mindhunter, some more The End of the Fucking World, maybe something by Inarritu? Lots of exciting female directors will release their new projects this year, Ana Lily Amirpour has been very busy if instagram is anything to go by.


Gémina: Last season of GOT is what I expect the most. This series is a legend. We should look every episode on Monday’s night together in the big screen at school. I think it’s a good idea because nobody should have to watch GOT alone at home. It’s a religious and shareable moment. Also look forward to see the new season of Stranger Things, True Detective, Black Mirror, Mindhunter and Peaky Blinders. I am excited as well to visit Keith Haring exhibition at Tate Modern starting in June. This will comfort me for having missed Basquiat exhibit in Paris 🙁


Forrest: For me, two shows tower over the rest on the horizon. True Detective season 3 comes out tomorrow night, and Big Little Lies Season 2 comes out in June. Sadly, this means I will have to cash in many hours that should be spent building my book instead lying comfortably reclined on the sofa watching TV. This will be very hard for me, but a necessary sacrifice if you want to be the very best at keeping up to speed with all the latest, hottest, trending shows.


Karolina: Spice Girls… I just leave this here


Also can’t wait the Romeo and Juliet from Matthew Bourne, who’s best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble in Swan Lake.
Real life Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal.
The Oscar Gala, The Half Time Show and every random night when I’ll bump into comedy, live jazz or a random gig. I hope I can go to Sziget Festival, it will be the 13th in a row.

And I’m really excited about those Hungarian movies, which production manager is my sister.


Josie: Fleabag’s back! Broad City’s back! I’m also really looking forward to Fyre, The Greatest Party that Never Happened – a Netflix doc that comes out on Friday, about the mysterious failure of Fyre, the luxury music festival that ended up turning into a Lord of the Flies-esque dystopia. Other things: the new Jon Ronson podcast (The Last Days of August); Mykki Blanco’s new album; the Cindy Sherman retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in the summer; also, Little Mix are going on tour.


Jemma: Right. Theatre comes first: The Lehman Trilogy is rightly so coming to the West End at the Piccadilly theatre. Also, Enda Walsh is back with yet ANOTHER fabulous play “Grief is a thing with feathers” starring Cillian Murphy at the Barbican. It is currently sold out BUT you can get cheap day tickets or returns and the wait will be worth it TRUST ME! A New experimental play “When we have Sufficiently tortured each other” starring Cate Blanchett is coming to The National. ( Also good for day tickets ! However I did wait from 5am to get tickets for Angels of America and I was to late 🙁 sooo pick your days.) Last must see play is “All about Eve” Starring Lily James and Gillian Anderson at the Noel Coward Theatre. If you haven’t already seen “The Inheritance” SHAME ON YOU! Lucky it too has transferred to the west end. I will also be looking forward to The Vaults festival this year. Even if you don’t like theatre I recommend just going for a night out or drinks as the atmosphere is epic. Most TV/exhibitions that I am excited about have already been said. I have just bought a camera so I’m really excited about exploring photography this year as it’s been a passion that I’ve never got into. Any insp, hit me up.


Alex: I am excited to see “Vice”. Written and directed by the guys that did “The Big Short”, Christian Bale plays Dick Cheney and Sam Rockwell is George W Bush. The prosthetics they’ve done on Christian Bale alone look impressive and Sam Rockwell’s impression of George W is pretty spot on in the trailer. I also cannot wait for Broad City to come back! It’s


Antonio: I’m looking forward to seeing new technology innovations. I love to see how the product design will change due to accept new features. In the latest smartphones, for example, the front camera is hidden in a mechanical drawer so that display can spread all on the smartphone almost frameless. Also I want to go to see the national portrait gallery and I’m waiting for the new album from the 1975 coming up in a couple of months!


Lauren: Exhibitions i’m excited for Stanley Kubrick, Martin Parr, pre Raphaelite sisters, Anthea Hamilton,  AI more than human

Music: I have been fishing out some weekly free gigs i’m excited to see, as well as seeing Bob Dylan, Snail Mail and Mac Demarco.  Maybe Fleetwood Mac if I manage to break a bank in time

Also really excited to go to a pub quiz and go to a bingo night and do some people watching.


Leonore: The last months I became a bit lazy when it comes to visiting exhibitions, museums and galleries, which I used to do loads. It would be a shame not to use the wide range of possibilities London is offering. So I want to go once every weekend, but I’ll have a spontaneous look as I don’t know what 2019 has prepared for me.
Besides that, I also want to find inspiration in drawing more again and even if it isn’t the typical creative inspiration, I will start kickboxing again, as I know it’s making me feel good and balanced.


Dean: 2019. Here are some dots that I’d like to connect.

A creative hybrid of two genres. Afro-Punk.

A creative spurs midfielder that comes of age.

A creative couch for our house. Maybe a British racing green Chesterfield!

A creative block. Visit more brutalist buildings in london and attend the Re-Textured festival.

A creative darkness… People watch in supermarkets and compose some SMP’s.

Max : I’m looking forward to seeing the next season of stranger things for dot n.o 1.

For dot n.o 2 i’m keeping my ears open for new french house and disco tracks being released on the youtube channel ‘Slav’. For dot n.o 3 I’m going to go on a cheap holiday somewhere for a weekend, somewhere new and if possible an undesirable destination just so i can try and find beauty in a weird place.  


Fraser: RIGHT. Where to begin? There’s so many things that are coming out this year or rumoured to be coming out this year that I haven’t kept up. So I’ll just recap a few of them

  1. The bloody “Wedding” comes back to London. For those who don’t know who Gecko are, they’re a theatre company with an amazingly warped idea of how to make theatre. They use rhythmic stuff and some other special fx that just look terrific. Check them out if you can at the National this January/February.

  2. The next one is the bloody music we can look forward to this new. Vampire weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean – the list goes on and on and on (I did the ad, Gaviscon). I’m sure there’ll be some curveballs along the way, people we don’t anticipate to release any new material but 2018 was SUCH a great year for noise rock and dream pop (as quick examples) that I hope it continues in other genres.

  3. The last bloody one I want to mention is something a bit more vague but more of what I want to get into this year which is reading. I’m not a terrible reader, I get thru several a year but those are rookie numbers babyyyy I want to bump those up. I’ve decided to always read an advertising related book alongside any fiction book I have on my bedside table. Not just for studying purposes but variety really. Might invest in a Kindle but Jeff is a bit of a prick so we’ll see how that decision goes.

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