The last few weeks have been tough. By @Benedicttatham

Benedict Tatham

By Benedict Tatham


The last few weeks have been tough.


I’ve spoken to several teams over the last few weeks at SCA and the general consensus is

that people are finding it really hard to make posters.

I don’t think I ever underestimated how hard this course would be but I never knew how hard it would be to make a simple poster!

Is anyone with me on this? Posters are ridiculously hard for what they are. Just an image, with some writing on a piece of paper. Sometimes just one of those elements.

It does take it’s toll on ones confidence.

It’s also been really really busy. With one big brief after another finding time to focus on the book hasn’t been easy.

After our book crit at AMV yesterday Tristan and I felt mentally tired and frustrated.

We’re working so hard and are pouring everything into the course and yet our books got nothing to show for it.

We ask ourselves, “what are we doing wrong?” “Why aren’t we improving day to day?”

Like everyone else, we’re staying up late, getting up early, writing SMP’s everyday, using the 12 techniques, taking in the culture of the city, meditating every now and then and having a laugh at the same time.

When’s it going to ‘click’? (if clicking is an actual thing because the only thing that’s clicking at the moment is my neck from being hunched over a pen and paper all day.)

So we had a review last night of what we thought was going wrong and how we need to change to make it better.

We have made a new daily plan, and we have decided to approach our work in a completely different way.

After six months of being together we are still searching for our process.

I think we were so excited to get on with the book after D&AD and Cannes that we threw ourselves into it like headless chickens working our butts off but eventually getting nowhere.

But I am confident now that things will get better, we will reach our potential, we will find our process. That I am sure of.

Chow for now.

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