Sleep deprivation delirium or surviving SCA, D&AD, and Life, by @grudevaa

Anna Grudeva

By Annie Grudeva


Sleep deprivation delirium or surviving SCA, D&AD, and Life



Butt. A really hot guy’s butt. Muscular body with some chiselled abs. That’s what I see when I close my eyes.

A living subculture. Older than you and me. Raising awareness.

I really want this to work.

I haven’t slept for 3 days and when I move everything is in slow motion.

I had a dream while I was waiting for my coffee – it was a simple one. Me and my bed. Fresh bedsheets.

I’m back here.


The studio is oddly quiet. The usual fun and upbeat conversations are replaced by mentors giving out instructions and nervous people exchanging ideas.


Just had food. Processed the feedback. Gotta re-cut the interviews. We can do this.


More feedback. Cutting again. Killing more babies. We can do this!


75%… 74%… Wait, what?

What did you learn from D&AD? “What did I learn from D&AD?”

“It’s never too early… uhm… Never underestimate craft (laughs). What you think is your best is not the limits of what you can produce… (silence) Did she just say ‘Whiskey Dick’?! (laughs)” “Anything else?” “Uhm… hmm… craft and craft again” “Nothing funny? I’m writing a SCAB here.” “Anything funny… geez… (laughs) Indulge in hysterics because it will keep you sane (yawns). Even though a drink might seem the answer it’s not. I think I’m at this stage where anything seems funny (laughs)”


“I had a dream of being chased last night” “Me too” “I think D&AD finally caught up with us” (laughter)


“D&AD is dead”

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