LET’S MAKE A MOVIE, by @larrywrites

Lawrence Parmenter

By Lawrence Parmenter



Every Tuesday night I go to a small dark room in Camden and write jokes.
It functions as a sort of therapy for me as I can go and tell a geriatric tv producer and a kooky dutch girl all my problems.
Hopefully something good will come out of it – or at least something mildly amusing.
The plan was at first just to work on each other’s stand up sets, we’d met on a stand up course, and through continued support we felt we could conquer the circuit together.
I haven’t done a gig in a while though. The intention for me when I started was not really to become a comedian, it was just to tick it off the list.
I like doing it because it’s not advertising.
I get to go and be wrong and write whatever I want and actually get pushed to add more knob jokes rather than tone it down.
I like that.
I want to do that more.
Next week Nathan is away.
I’m going to make a short film.
Because I can.
I think I’m going to try and do it inside the week.
Start Monday. Premiere it Friday at reflections.
Because I can.
Yes. Doing things. Yes.

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