A change of pace – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


A change of pace

The past few weeks have been emotional, busy and stressful.

I have a new found hatred and understanding about strategy.

I’ve learnt that we should have scamped a lot earlier.

I found out how patient Matt can be!

And I’ve rediscovered the art of napping.

Times up, the first portfolio briefs are finished.

So rather than write a serious SCAB – like I typically tend to do, I thought that I’d just give you a list of different suggestions of things to do this next week as we begin to ease into the next brief.

1) Try listening to Melanie Martinez – her album “Cry baby” is my latest guilty pleasure. Eerie lyrics that hook you in from the first few seconds.

2) Answer me this – I love this podcast. It’s funny, cynical, easy listening and a lot of the random questions that they answer contain little golden nuggets of info. Plus the banter between them is hilarious.

3) Make these – – I used to eat these ever such a lot in Korea, they are a thick bready pancake stuffed with caramelized sugar, cinnamon and chopped nuts (I like to add sultanas too!). They are perfect for cold weather!

4) Bored and looking for a quick way to spend 2 minutes this site is great:

5) Fancy a break from advertising books – Try a bit from poetry from Scroobius Pip with his book “Poetry in (e)motion”.

6) Get away from your laptop for a few minutes and try drawing with real pencils…it’s so relaxing!

7) Go look at the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park if you haven’t already (they also have some really cute baby moorhens around there too!)

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