Missing in London – By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble


Missing in London


London is a city full of surprises for the story tellers we are. Since I moved in London I have already find quite a lot of treasures, especially in the tube. Taking the tube twice a day, I see or find at least one lost or forgotten object at least per week.


Recently, I found a striped scarf on a seat, it was a small one. I guess it belonged to a young  boy who probably was cold that day. I imagine him with a big down jacket) to big for him like kids are used to wear and you can only see his big eyes spotting out of the coat. I really hope he had a colorful coat because the scarf was fairly sad with only  grey colors. I am  pretty sure his parents noticed that the scarf was missing, and maybe they even scold him a little.


The week before, I discovered a watch on the Victoria line. It was a sportive one that people wear to know how many steps they have done in a day, how many calories they have burnt, number of heart beats per minute, to feel a little bit as a sportsman.  It belonged to a man, probably a tall one who does not like take the tube because it’s not really made for people bigger than me. He probably forget the watch at King’s Cross station, just before I came in the tube. So I’m sure he worked very close to the Havas agency.


I also found a credit card in the Victoria Line. This time I didn’t imagine the story of the owner but my own with this card. I was really hungry that morning and I was just wandering about pastries from Pret-a-manger. They make really great croissants. Of course I did not use the card in a contactless mode to buy these pastries but as usual, I gave this forgotten object to a TFL worker at Brixton station.


It might be an irrelevant point for most people but I read later that lost credit cards found  in the tube are destroyed for safety. I searched and found this information because I’ve lost an important thing for me in the tube: my ID card. I am not really reassured because  people can invent new stories with it. I feel like I am missing a part of my identity. It’s maybe a teenager who can enjoy nights at pubs or clubs now. TFL seems not to have my ID card, at least they don’t answer to my request. Please if you find it, just imagine a story and give it back to me so that I can continue mine with my whole identity.


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