My first week in London, in one word: challenging. @EmmaBrianchon

Recap of my first week in London. In one word: challenging. A rollercoaster of emotions. A lot of downs, but the ups were amazing. Coming here as a total outcast was harsh: not knowing anybody, not having a flat and being a gypsy queen with two suitcases weighing 30 kilos each, flying from one place to another, definitely not easy. But, God, I can already feel that it’s all already worth it. The school is incredible. Well, I mean, if we can call it a school. Everything about it is mindfucking. It’s nothing like college or other schools I’ve experienced previously in my life. I can learn from masterclasses from a sofa, with a little puppy running and jumping around, begging for attention, while the renowned speaker is on stage.

The first few days, we took part in activities which allowed us to not be afraid of being judged by others if we fail. And I will fail a lot, that’s for sure. But I will improve. The people are awesome, they all have different backgrounds, different stories, even different nationalities, but we unite with a common objective: learn until we are the best. We all arrived here as strangers, but the whole experience kind of made us bond already. There will be some competition, for sure, but the atmosphere is already so nice … I really do feel that we will all grow, as people, but also, our work will be nurtured with the help and feedback of each other. In a collaborative way. Where the niceness comes after the honest criticism to help you reach the top.

The SCA will become our family. When I left the agency I worked for, where I made my life for the six past months, I deeply felt empty inside, as if a part of me was still there, and that I was lacking a purpose in my life. However, this start of year really gave me hope of filling it up again with knowledge, creativity, and, surely, with some new friends. I may sound a bit cheesy, if not too much actually, but visiting the agencies on the third day made me realize that I am definitely here with an aim, a goal, and I will do everything possible to achieve it. We are the new creatives of tomorrow, and I can feel that we have to show the world what we can do. I am sorry for the interruption, but between the first and the second part of this SCAb, there was a big update in my life: I got a flat, so it’s no longer a gypsy queen talking, but a soon-to-be official Londoner. From what I wrote yesterday to today’s mood, well, let’s just say that I’m even more enthusiastic. Today we learned creative techniques, to be able to spread ideas on paper until we find the right one. Quantity brings quality. You can take step back to see your ideas, select the ones that you’re going to push and see what happens from that. Actually, I totally messed up my scambing class. I continued to write the ideas as I was doing in the agency. My process was to write, select and then scamb, but obviously, I need to learn a new and maybe more effective way to do that. I can’t wait for the next session, and I will practice in the meantime. Hard work beats talent.

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