My First Week at SCA

My first week at SCA has been…*computer crashes*… 
A new dawn, with chaos on the horizon,
Anxious excitement looming as my creative adventure begins.
I barely remember the days when it was just me and my donkey and I didn’t have to learn Adobe…
Now I see the world through an Adobe Grid.

Being awake and switched on at 9am will take some getting used to for my body clock but
My new home feels more and more familiar with every creative mind I meet.
Workshops, masterclasses and Marc’s trousers warp time, pattern and colour,
Humorous highs with Mr Cee followed by uncomfortable lows as I proceed in a downward dog position.
It feels like I have signed up for a gym membership dedicated to the brain.

Before SCA life was as dry as a monk’s crotch. Now? I’m all lubed up, silly. 
I used to spend my day singing little songs in my head and now it’s jammed with 5 different brief
They’re certainly not brief, but they are exciting.
It’s hard to trust the process, but eventually you find yourself in flow…
We dream of pencils as Adobe crashes again.

Each day is like baptising a cat and I fucking love it.
Really, I’m a dog-person but the people here are pretty damn cool.
I’ve already enriched my English vocabulary with ‘sassy’ and ‘bumlicking’.
I used to think I was a bit weird, but meeting everyone else, I feel normal!
(Everyone is super weird… I love it!)
Embrace the chaos. 

Blood, sweat and actual tears,
SCA is nursery school meets The Apprentice; I’m not mad about it, just massively sleep-deprived. .
Life is now a rushed C’s black americano and 2 cigarettes at 8:55 paired with the expectant thought of free coffee despite only having gone there a few times.
That thing in my head is gone, all that is left is mush.
Coffee, coffee, coffee, and wait … I forgot something… Oh yeah, COFFEE !

Been spending most of our week livin in an Ad-stars paradise…
And yeah the devil works hard but FUCK do SCA students work harder.
It’s only been one week?!
Wakey wakey, someone clips electrodes to my brain’s nipples.
“In gut we trust”, was my motto, now, it’s “in SCA we trust”.

A roller coaster that I never want to end:
Practicing our crafts (a huge learning curve)—
Will my calamari work today?—
A thousand briefs a week, team meetings plus work all in the same time zone? I’m not quite sure how I intend to do this for 10 months.
But would I have regretted not doing it? Absolutely! 

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in New Zealand anymore.

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