Enter ‘The headf^ck’ – By @JustObserv1ng

Ashley Davies

By Ashley Davies


Enter ‘The headf^ck’

‘Hopefully you’ve saved some money and sanity, because you’ll need it’ was pretty much the first words I heard when I stepped foot into SCA. That, the SCABs of the alumni and the various other stories I’ve heard is making me feel like I’m about to be sectioned. Anyone seen shutter island? It’s all lies! But I dunno, thought the cuckoo’s nest crowd seemed like a good laugh so I’m up for it. 
I’m so grateful that along with James and Lee I managed to bag a scholarship to this loony bin and I’m not sure it’s sunk in just yet. I thought all the shortlisted entries were outstanding and I really didn’t envy Marc having to make that decision, so I do feel the pressure to reassure him he made a good one.
 Had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow patients at the party last week and I’m looking forward to starting my treatment with the rest of you in September. 
We got this!

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