People Buy Corbyn, by @benedicttatham

Benedict Tatham

By Benedict Tatham


People Buy Corbyn


So Jeremy Corbyn everyone….a landslide victory….wow.


Branded the, “Unelectable” this old, shabbily dressed man, who’s policies appear to be leaning so far over to the left that he’s soon going to need a walking stick to help him stay upright through the doors of parliament without hitting his head on the way in, has one over the people of Britain.


Jeremy Corbyn?? Jeremy Corbyn?? This is a fascinating accomplishment that we ad lovers should all be keenly analyzing with a magnifying glass!


Despite his unpopularity, Corbyn sold himself very successfully – yes ok he didn’t have the toughest competition in the world but he caught the imagination of the young despite being considerably older than his rivals.  


With the help of social media left wing guru’s such as Russell Brand and Owen Jones he became this down to earth thinking, casual give a dam dressing, ‘I’m just a normal guy with cool idealistic ideas’ possessing candidate that got people excited about his anti-austerity message.


Corbyn got a lot of press, good or bad he became a talking topic, the only candidate followed religiously during the election and the only person you and me were talking about in the pub – in my opinion he never looked like losing because people were so fascinated with the ludicrous idea of him ACTUALLY winning.


Whether or not you agree with his policies Corbyn has an air of humanness about him that people could associate with and that is often a rare sight in British politics.


Of course we learnt all about humanness this week – people buy people.

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