Screw You Guys, We Are Going Home by @ftabastot

Fiona Tabastot

By Fiona Tabastot


Screw You Guys, We Are Going Home

I could already imagine the smile of my friend, the perfume of my mother and the taste of a fresh baguette in my mouth.


But both my uber driver and I knew I won’t catch this Eurostar


Everything happens for a good reason, he said while trying to calm me down with some fake Cadbury. 

Oh shut up, please! In what parallel universe would this happen for a good reason? 


Whenever I feel down, the solution often comes at the bottom of the glass or on the other side of the Channel. 


So I had to try again. But this time, Elin was going to come with me.


Although it wasn’t the initial thought, this travel was a good way to test our recent partnership.

It’s been said that if you really want to get a know a person, you should travel together.


Not only was she going to travel with me, she was also on her way to meet my family, friends and more importantly my cat.


That makes things even more official than a team twitter account.


In between dots collecting and sightseeing visits of Parisian terraces, we managed quite well to push each other.

Travelling can brings out our best and our worst. Luckily, we are sticking together.


And that’s official, my grandpa thinks we are a couple.

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