Hunting for the perfect piece of work. – By @EllieDag

Hunting for the perfect piece of work.

We’ve hit a bit of a road block, my partner and I. Our book is all round pretty good and basically solid, which is nice. But apparently it’s missing two ‘great’ campaigns. 

What are those campaigns? What do they look like? How will we know if we see one? I do not know. Only that we can’t find them. We keep coming up with more, good ideas. But nothing great. Everybody has different ideas about what brands to work on. Nice, boring brands, with no usp? Like loo roll and deodorant and sweets. Challenger brands with a big usp. Banks, cars, beers and newspapers. Adoption and divorce. And new ideas. The pursuit of genuinely new ideas. Are there any left? 

And we can’t just focus on getting one of these ideas at a time. Of course not. We need three new campaigns this week, plus the four other briefs we’re working on. Sigh. 

Plus, we need jobs. I mean the jobs thing is the cause of all this. But it takes up more time. Which is normally fine but we need to find these magic campaigns. I’d quite like to find them by Friday. But I suspect that’s silly. Then we need to kick all the old stuff out because tbh I’m bored of it. But then we need new stuff. And currently we have a book that’s like 10x bigger than we really want it to be but we can’t take stuff out because we need the volume to make up for the missing magic campaigns. Or something. 

I feel like everything that isn’t an SMP is sort of a waste of time. But then when we get SMPs we usually have to execute them to see if they work. It’s all very circular. 

Also time management is harder over the internet. Lots of time lost to faffing. Or waiting for something. Or idek what. 

Good news though, my cheese plants doing very well. Repotted him and he’s loving it. New leaves & everything. Olive tree, less good. Bit chilly outside for him. But I think he’ll pull through. 

Little brother’s back to virtual school today. We have 16kg of flour in the kitchen. The cats mock us every time they leave the house. Ben has found a shop that sells you eggs if they like you. Lockdown is either ending in three weeks or at Christmas. 

Yeah. That’s week 1 term 3 @ virtual SCA. 

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