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By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


It’s all Single Minded Propositions right now. What’s the SMP for your life? There are various takes on what makes a great SMP, but we figured we’d leave it open as a free-for-all.


Ruby: Desperately avoiding maturity.


Charles: Muji meets Mad Magazine


Dan: experience the privilege


Jemma: No one suspects the cripple.


Joe R: Next up in the great lineage of Kony, Fritsel and Stalin.


Joe C: The only part of the skeleton that you can see.


Alex T: tiny dick, no abs, still unsure what an SMP is.


Andy: Ever the eternal octopus.


Zoe: application not responding.


Karolina: I want it more.


Holly: Repression is the 5th R


Vic: can keep up to 4 plants alive.


Sophie: Why does everybody hate me?


Lucy: The loosest of liabilities.


Tom: god save the Queen/ up the ra.




Fraser: It IS cold up here.


Tom: flow with the go. My girlfriend says hers is always knowing where the nearest public toilet is.

/rob macs are my go to at mcds

Lauren: Computer says no.


Gémina: Can frogs drown?


Forrest: Not Forrest Gump


Tarun: Not for sale


Saphire: Word vomit.


Josie: Will eat anything you put in front of it


Leonore: Seeking improvement and sleep.


Jemma: Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!


Max : Live more to live less so you can live even more in the future


Rachel: depressingly funny?


Mary: Woman child


Dean: Think super different


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