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Something you know, that you think everyone should know:

Jonothan: Having a tidy space to work, having a good breakfast and adding rhythm to your day gives you more chance of being content and happy.


Having Christmas alone is amazing. UberEats, no fucking tree bark everywhere, no electric bill for the lights, just one cracker. No one to buy presents for. Win.


Christopher: In 2003, when France opposed going to war in Iraq, the U.S. took the next logical step: its House of Representatives’ cafeterias stopped serving French fries. They served “freedom fries” instead.


Meg: A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.
 ,’  o `.
/_. _,. \
( /(‘   \ :
\\|    / ;
 `’   / /
     / /
    : :
    | :    _______
    :  \ ,’       `-._
    ‘   /    .  .  .  \
     : `’ ;  ;  ;  ; , :
      \`./  /  /  / ; ;;
       `. `’../__/ / ,.\
              \ //   / ‘|
               || \\
               ||  ))
               || //


Also, one of the many things I learnt from my old boss Jo at Imaginate – when you’re making print design (or any really), there are 3 types of consumers – Paddlers, Swimmers and Divers.

Paddlers will dip their toes (i.e. read the headline, but go no further).

Swimmers will maybe read some more of the copy.

Divers are all in there! Reading everything, analysing pictures, they live for this stuff!


It’s a very useful way to gauge if your design is right – you need to get your point across regardless of whether the reader is paddling, swimming or diving; in effect your headline needs to deliver the message and the rest of the copy and pictures is just adding to it.


Thanks, Jo!


Sara: Disposable menstrual products generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year – equivalent to the weight of around 400 full Boeing 747s.


Josh:  Don’t dwell on what everyone else is doing. Just focus on what your priorities are.


Joe: When Rockefeller was trying to buy up all the oil fields in the US, the smaller oil rigs clocked that he was trying to attain a monopoly in US oil. So many refused to sell, or asked way over the odds. So, instead, Rockefella bought all the train services across the US, and charged such a premium to move oil that it became unprofitable to pump for oil. When many smaller oil rigs eventually went bankrupt, he bought them. And he now owned the US rail service as well.


Oh, and due to two gangs in the bronx in 1988, Ralph Lauren broke middle America because his product was robbed so frequently.

Lucas: I use Sens Critique. It’s a new French social network that allows you to rate movies, series, video games, comics and books and share these notes with your friends. It’s practical because it allows me to no longer have to look for a movie for 2 hours before going to sleep.


Elliot: If a piece of paper were folded 42 times, it would reach to the moon.


Nick: Cold showers are a powerful nootropic (brain booster).


Gauthier: Sloth are so headless that they can confuse their arms with a branch and kill themselves by falling down.


Léa : I don’t know if it’s famous in england, but I discovered Eurosnap, to take the Eurostar cheaper it’s perfect. So there’s no reason for you not to come to Paris. See you there.


Christian: The twitter bird actually has a name. It’s Larry


Helena: There are more lifeforms living on your face than there are people on the planet.


Henry: The expiry date on water bottles is for the bottle, not the water


Chirine: Africa is the future.


Phil:  Pigeons are one of three birds who produce milk. Flamingos and emperor penguins are the other two.


Dalva : Tip, whenever you are cutting onions you always get a strong smell in your fingers that is hard to get off using just water and soap. What you should do is use the non cutting side of the knife blade or other metallic object on your fingers to get the smell off.


Dune : A google search weighs up to 5 to 7 grams of CO2. An e-mail is equivalent to 20 grams of CO2, and each person you had in Cc add another 6 grams.


Eve : The harder you concentrate on falling asleep, the less likely to fall asleep.


Manon: The symbol “&” has a name : it’s called an Ampersand, “Esperluette” in french. Some people call it the commercial “And”.

And for a while, it was the 27th letter of the alphabet.


Marion:  Fire don’t have a shadow.


Melina: When the cheetah looks for its baby, it walks with its tale vertical, as a signal for the other  animals that it is not hunting for food..


Clara: In Japan, people pay the bus journey when they get out of the bus, not when they get inside. Remember this if you go to Japan and you will avoid awkward situations.


Mathilde: Kevin Spacey is gay.


Twyla: Acting like a grown-up is overrated.


James: you can be punished for not doing group scabs.


Group of jellyfish is called a smack.


Holly: The voice of Minnie Mouse married the voice of Mickey Mouse.


Zoe: Pas de chat means ‘Cats step’ in classical ballet. And a ‘Flap’ is just ‘putting your foot down and flapping it first’ in tap. It would be funny to have a new language based on a profession and not nationality.


Rita: In Catalonia we have a weird Christmas character that basically just stands somewhere and takes a shit


Dan: God is dead  


Pietro: there’s a bear hidden in the Toblerone logo


Ben: the gays are actually straight; it’s a big fabulous conspiracy theory.


Martin: In folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as “half-goat, half-demon who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. Krampus is one of the companions of Saint Nicholas in several countries including Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, South Tyrol and parts of Northern Italy.


Rachel:  There is misconception that SCA students are all “a bunch of rich arrogant kids”….Without scholarships, some of us wouldn’t be here.


But please note there’s a very fine line between arrogance and confidence. Some people just take longer to learn.


Andrea : Cool Cousin is the best app to discover cool and atypical places in the city that you’re in. (Give it a go, it’s really cool).

Petra: Always do something crazy before and after lunch. Otherwise, you’re taking life too seriously (and will probably be as creative as a stone).


Eva: to love deeply. Again. And again.


Gary: Samsung tv were may listening in to conversations within earshot and even watching you.


Becky: Red bell peppers are ripened green ones


Gnome: Dogs have anal glands that need squeezing to empty them. If your dog smells like shit, they have full glands.


Jem: In Australia when the clocks go back, a bar can stay open an extra hour and can make their staff work it but doesn’t have to pay them for it. I’m not sure if the same rule applies in the UK.


Steve: You probably think electrons move down electricity cables at the speed of light but they actually dribble down the cables at the pace of dripping honey (oh and John Lloyd is genius and among his many contributions to British culture is my favourite TED talk


Philly: One Jewish man didn’t have his books burnt by the Nazis. Discover who and why here –


Susan: You get tired walking around a new city because your brain works hard for facial recognition. If you want to save energy, walk around looking at your feet.


Poppy: Dr. Suess wrote Green Eggs and Ham because someone bet him it was impossible to write a children’s book with less than 50 different words in it.


  • Restricting yourself when writing can actually broaden your vocabulary and lead to better work.


Adeline: The inside of a Kit-Kat is made of crushed Kit-Kat.


Holly: Polar bears have transparent fur that only looks white because the air spaces in each of their hairs scatter light of all colours.


Emma : You blush when you’re embarrassed because adrenaline is released, which speeds up your heart-beat and dilate your vessels, in order to improve the flow of blood and oxygen.

Also, sign language is different in most of the languages.
If you have a headache, try ginger tea.

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