Twenty Awesome Learnings from A Lazy Half Termings – By @CiRCUStrongman

By Lee Allen


Twenty Awesome Learnings from A Lazy Half Termings


Grab a pen, grab some paper and get ready to be amazed…

  1. Bitcoin just hit an all-time high – SCA havin’ a partay!
  2. Delta & Wieden + Kennedy produced art on airline trays – interesting medium for y’all.
  3. Scientists at Queen Mary University London, taught bee’s to play football… bees!
  4. A Swedish politician wants to give workers an hour off work to have sex – vote Per-Erik


  5. Fabregas is still magic and he still wears a magic hat.
  6. McDonalds & OMD have created a night tube map to help people locate their nearest Maccy


  7. However, Burger King outdid Ronald & Co – creating an adults meal for Valentines, equipped

    with a saucy sex toy.

  8. …and the fast food campaigns just get better, KFC have created a hilarious new campaign ‘in

    partnership’ with clean-eating blogger Figgy Poppleton-Rice – check it out.

  9. KFC have also launched a new boneless zinger meal, the chips are seasoned with a bad

    imitation of curry powder, wouldn’t recommend.

  10. Bill Gates is proposing we tax machines that take humans jobs – I’m with you Bill.
  11. At least from what I can gauge from the box, the Yorkshire Tea company commit to planting

    trees every year and have been doing so since the 90’s. Green tea.

  12. A study from the University of Surrey found that travelling by tube exposes you to over eight

    times as much pollution as those who travel by car – with the Victoria Line being the most

    polluted of the bunch.

  13. Lucky Generals have been sold to TBWA – I hope that increases my chances of a job.
  14. According to HESA, computer science degrees are the most likely to leave their students


  15. George W. Bush, probably, almost definitely lied about his military service… and the film Truth

    is a mildly amusing way of learning more about it.

  16. NASA found that while the ice in the Arctic has been melting, the amount of ice in Antarctica is

    increasing… I hope that’s a good thing.

  17. Blackberry are back… apparently. They have a new device called the KeyOne which I won’t be

    upgrading to in May.

  18. The Soviet Union ice hockey team were absolutely mesmerising on the ice, watch Red Army to

    see more, an awesome documentary.

  19. Louis Theroux is doing a documentary on Donald Trump, meh, I guess I’ll watch it.
  20. Siri has a Lego Batman update – I haven’t seen the film so I don’t care, but you might.

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