What does your post-covid world look like? – By KRAK intake

Hey sunshine, been a while since I’ve seen you here!

What does your post-covid world look like?

(We all die is not a valid answer).

Pierre: students orgys are going to be huge. It will take years to stop me. 

Elle: Hopefully beefa with the girls. 

C.Medford : It’ll be my 30th in September, so hopefully social distancing won’t be a thing, and I can rave my socks off with all the family and  friends I’ve been neglecting for over a year. (Mark my words, Nottinghill Carnival will be cancelled this year 😞.)

Aaron: Beer.

Oli: I’m not falling for the ‘In the Post-Covid World…’ meme. Will keep promoting oil, guns and authoritarian leaders. In the Post-Covid World, staying on-brand will be more important than ever. 

Jay: BIG, sweaty, nights out.

Dean: I’ll be on the island of sun with this song playing in the background.

Ivan: Visiting every psytrance festival available!

Sam: Wherever Ivan goes.

Katie: The world will collectively decide what’s truly important. Meaningless possessions will be replaced for the bare necessities. Long haircuts, beards and armpit/leg hair will be prevalent as well as no hair at all. Nudism will become very popular. I’ll get involved.

Holly: Similar to this, at the moment we are living in our ‘new normal’. I like to think that we will live with a greater appreciation of the small things and perhaps we will for a short period of time. But as life goes on so will we, as humans we adapt by default, so after all this is done and the months pass I think everything will feel normal again. That’s not to say things won’t be different or that new rules won’t be in place because they probably will, it’s just that it won’t feel different any more, and are appreciation will dwindle once more… does that sound bleak?? It’s not meant to, there is solace to be found in normality. 

Rolly: Going to more dance classes!

Elisa: I am curious to see how social norms will change. Will we continue to wash our hands so much? Will wearing a facemask in the UK become as normal as in China? Will we stop shaking hands and touch elbows instead? 

Bastien: Going to eat in a fancy french restaurant, drink some very good wine, before heading to the forest for a wild party. 

Alex: 25 pints and 30 wings, brought to you by the Wetherspoons App. And some techno with Dean + Ivan.

Alfie: Going to try to spend as little time inside as possible. But I am not sure probably will not be normal for months after lockdown finished. Then I imagine everyone will just act like it never happened once it’s over. 

Lawrence: Probably just go swimmin’ wif Marc Quinn. 

Issy: A huge blowout.

Ellie: Biggest maccies of my life. 

Phillip: 25 Pints and 30 wings also brought to you by Alex’s Wetherspoons app. Love that app. Then blowing all my furlough money on my favourite BYOB turkish restaurant. I just hope it’s still open. Very worried about restaurants and the idea that people will realise they can get all they want from delivery making going out to eat obsoleat. 

Alice: Huge pool party, 30 degrees, glorious sunshine, barbecue, champagne, all my friends and family – also it’s my birthday so everyone’s there to see me. Lots of presents and cards, cake and good tunes (this is my dream and you’re all invited).

Chloë: Lockdown ends and, for a month or so, I don’t roll my eyes so aggressively when a tourist is standing on the left of the underground escalator. Instead, I’m simply grateful that there are people on the escalators again. Life soon busies me and I forget what it was like to not be in a hurry. Everything returns to how it was. I swear under my breath as I push past the tourists. Bliss.

Dj: Hitting the club n showing the ladies how to really shake it *snaps fingers*

Charlie: As I’ve had to sack off every holiday…that I never planned…because I couldn’t afford them…I’ve decided to treat myself with a trip to South America. Getting lost in a festival of weird and wonderful experiences, planned around a solar eclipse. Please come join…and grab my ticket whilst you’re at it. 

Tommy: Every nascent truth that blossomed in my mind during isolation will wither under the bright heat of rushing normality. 

Eva: Australia with Dean, enjoying life until we all die. 

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