A grumpy DJ Observes People – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


A grumpy DJ Observes People


3, floo… Scratch that 4!!

“4 levels of fun!!”

Filled with m&m branded junk

It’s watching people mindlessly consume like this that draws out my worst opinions of people, yet they still fascinate me.

Much like spiders, I find people endless fascinating through the screen, through a textbook or any other distant or analytical lens but would no sooner want to be in a room with one.

It’s seems that a large part of the career path I’ve chosen involves pushing people towards places like this.

How regrettable…

My my common retort to thoughts such as this is that everyone’s conscious and has free will, so fuck em. Ill manipulate the masses and get mine. [Insert evil voice here]

I’ll just:

1. Make money.

2. Fu k alooooooot

3. Repeat infinitum (yes, that does in fact mean my next life and beyond)

But truth be told I’d like to have my mark on the world be positive or at least net neutral.

Just as soon as I’ve gotten into advertising my eyes are wondering to places like tech/product development.

Ohhh the plight of being a self serving, impatent, mission seeking millennial…

One interesting thing that stands out to me is that M&M have anthropomorphised their sweet. And while I know that human beings like to see ourselves in things and we like things like us, It’s still quite bizarre that this extends to things we consume. Like some kind of subconscious self cannibalism…

I also noticed that this place is filled to the brim with tourists. I wonder why we feel the need to collect things. Is it to remind us of the freedom and adventure, the sense of mystery. The fresh perspective we hold when were in a new place.

I’ve heard people say that travelling allows you to reinvent yourself, to temporarily be a new person. I think it’s because of your detachments and distance from all of the people, responsibilities and places expecting consistent behaviour from you.

Perhaps then, this mini m&m slot machine represents who someone could be more than it represents any functional benefit.

Seeking a piece of your spirit in a piece of plastic nostalgia….

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