Voice. Voice. Voice. By @ThatPinkSuit

Rhiannon Butlin

By Rhiannon Butlin


Voice. Voice. Voice. 

In the industry of communication, a writer can get by on speaking surprisingly little. 

She has the benefit of letting the words do that for her. 

You’re not a sound now. 

You’re hieroglyphics on a page. 

But this is ‘media’ isn’t it? 




You wanna get heard. 

You better make yourself heard. 

Well, everything is a muscle. 


(Or is everything a process?)

It starts small. 

Screw your hair up in a band.

Fetch the trainers from the back of the wardrobe. 

Stretch that neck of yours and nash your teeth cos you’re about to dust off your fightin words. 

From the woman who said it best, ‘I know it ain’t easy, whoever said it was.’ 

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