Reviews in Haikus – By @_nadiahammoud

Nadia Hammoud

By Nadia Hammoud


Reviews in Haikus


La Grande Illusion

This Frenchy war film

Has brilliant one-liners

It’s Great Escape-esque


To Catch A Thief

A witty delight

I now want to thieve diamonds

In a ‘50s gown


Bone Tomahawk

Shockingly gruesome

Unexpectedly charming

Beautifully filmed



Three insane climbers

Are horribly unlucky

There’s so much suspense


They take crazy risks!

There’s a life lesson in this

I think… Stay at home?


Star Wars

Great lead characters

Why is Chewie in this film?

I’d like more Poe please…


Wanted; BB8

I’d make him store my secrets

And speak my language…

One Punch Man

This awesome hero

Has existential crises

Quite regularly

It’s hilarious

Just one punch knocks out villains

Which he finds boring

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