Do one weird thing a month, that freaks you out. By @orla27marie

Orla O'Connor

By Orla O’Connor


Do one weird thing a month, that freaks you out.

A wise man once said do one thing a day that scares you. Meant to keep you healthy no idea why so obviously he was wiser than I. But I have for the last few months been trying to do something weird every month. In the hope that at some point it may be useful. And I thought I would share this month and last month’s experiences.

Tabletop Shakespeare
This was an hour and a half show of hamlet. Performed by everyday objects and a mad lady.

As we walked into the small dark stage area of the Barbican and took our seats we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Then the woman of the hour appeared. She looked like the woman in black, from the film, if she had ever aged into her 50s. My rugby coach boyfriend shot me a look that could only be translated as ‘why have you dragged me to a dark room, where there is a strange looking woman, holding a cheese grater!’ ( the cheese grater turned out to be the ghost of King Hamlet).

She began moving an assortment of objects around the table and telling the story. It was possibly the most bizarre hour and a half of my life. I couldn’t help but giggle. It was so off the wall you had to. It was a crazy as a squirrel doing a strip tease.

Her method of storytelling was interesting to say the least. And by the end even my boyfriend was mildly entranced by the story unfolding before us on that table.

I have no idea when that experience will become useful. Might have to let the back of my brain mull over that one for a very long time.

Tarot card reading
This month’s weird thing is a tarot card reading. I found mystic Jen on groupon. Her office (is it called an office, mystic haven, whatever you want to call it) was near Oxford street so couldn’t be too dodgy.

She was dressed like a masseuse and had big frizzy hair. Told me I had to wait to enter as she has to clear the psychic space.

It was a very strange experience. A lot more intrusive and personal than I ever thought it would be. Though it did teach me I need to reflect more. And try and make those reflections positive. Reflection is a big part of school and it’s something that I do not believe I have fully taken advantage of yet. So that’s my aim term 3 I’m going to reflect positively on my life and time at school.

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