Building a habit @joanischris

By Christopher Joanis

Lately, I have been having issues with keeping up with the SCAB rota it’s not that I found writing difficult, but it feels like it’s never the right time.
So I wondered what does it take to make it more natural and painless.
I needed to build a habit. I wasn’t doing anything on my 30 min commute to the school apart from listening to music when I had reception in the underground.

lately I’ve tried writing in the underground and its been a revelation. Sitting at a desk wasn’t cutting it for me because I was just to self conscious about the process without a doubt always ended up find something else to do. the subway is what’s working for me. I just have to lay down my thoughts at that particular moment and its a endless source of inspiration. My phone is my weapon of choice. its always with me when I commute, doesn’t take much space as every inch in the subway is more expensive than a foot-square in Soho.
I don’t need a pencil and a paper as scamping requires. the screen is my canvas and my mind races on the keyboard as my thoughts are coming in because I’m scared of losing them

Also, a time frame is defined 20min from Highbury and Islington to Brixton. no more no less. So I know it’s not gonna take me ages and end up being me for 3hours.

what I’ve discovered it gives me an impulsion to start writing that little push that makes all the difference because when my stop arrives I can choose to stop or keep going. Most of the time I keep going because I’m hooked and I want to finish my story, make my point, end my piece. And that’s all it took for me to cancel the block I had. Just committing to start writing, anything really, just start writing. There’s always room afterward to tweak your piece of writing and make it sound better. Adding some flourishing or trimming down the nonsense is advised most of the time.

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