Memory – By @bastien52530427

By Bastien Chazalette Zaco


What a strange tool is the memory. Such an important thing. Always with you. Sometimes missing. Personal and obscure in your brain. Visible from others by the way it shapes you and your character. A non-sense duality, hard to understand. Probably more like a balance than a real duality. Were it’s hard to know which side is heavier than the other and which strings of the puppet you must follow. It’s up there, with so much influence than most of the time you just don’t realize its presence. That you’re living thanks to it. Thanks to the same learning mechanisms that allow the baby monkey to eat, drink or run, in a word to survive. We survive. In a well-modernized world but it’s the same. We can then start to build our little cupboard full of knowledge boxes and stories. So it’s also the purpose of our life. To build it we using the past to go in the future, passing by the present. All a travel, record on our intern camera. To build step by step the person you are in this such important present moment. Such important because maybe it’s a pretty relative word to use. Knowing that the exact present moment already passes, slowly becoming a part of subconscious mechanisms that turn true moments into a blur remember, often imprecise, always incomplete and sometimes completely wrong. What a Wonderfull inner world where reality and fiction are dancing together, in a beautifully imperfect choreography. With the same level of importance. Where an idea completely false, made up or imagined can have a concrete and true impact on your behavior. Where such an important information, lesson or image can just disappear in a blink of an eye. It’s a magic world. Truly. Where you can think anything you want. Store anything you want. Where information is no more than a scattered fragment stock in different neurons. And a slight intern or more often external stimulus can activate to make arise a response or comportment. Then you can imagine that you can fake every response or comportment which comes from a memory activation. If you will probably crash yourself deciding to jump from the 18th-floor thinking (even deeply) that you can fly… The psychological effect that can occur a fragment reunification can be powerful. And an adulterate, imprecise souvenir can have the same impact as a true one if it’s strongly inlaying. Pretty scary. I had a great example of a story about this but I can’t find the box right now… Too bad. Sometimes it’s just that frustrating, knowing it’s there, somewhere but you can’t, by all meanings, open and search in that god damn box. It’s not lost and one day, an external stimulus will bring back that box in the first plan. You will search in it, and discover some old thought, sometimes dusty and damage, but always here. Some of them are surprisingly still here and fresh others are just gone or close to. Depending on where, when, why, who or what triggers it you can make a weird connection. Come with some weird thought. But if you do, it’s because it’s up there, in your neurons, wisely waiting for a signal. Like an electric impulse to light on a bulb.    

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