Too good to be true, by @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe – From the 2015/16 Intake



Too good to be true


Being from the Midlands, if something sounded to good to be true, it usually (always) was.


For years I’d dreamt of living in London, where things actually happened that were too good to be true. I mean a free rooftop beach in the midlands would just be utter madness.


I wanted to have drinks at the roundabout bars, meet career hungry creatives, go shopping until midnight, bundle down mile long markets full of weirdly wonderful stalls, attend outdoor film screenings, visit handfuls of free exhibitions and eat expensive street food that I couldn’t pronounce.


Then I discovered SCA and London had never been so appealing. I applied to the school with a bucket full of nerves and a crappy PowerPoint, all wide eyed and bushy tailed.


I couldn’t believe it when Marc offered me a place, let alone winning a scholarship. I wasn’t even there yet and London had handed me an amazing opportunity that I thought was only ever too good to be true.


I was ready for my next adventure and the madness of the concrete jungle. So I quit my job and bagged myself a design placement at Men’s Health for the summer. Your probably thinking, why a magazine when you want to be in advertising? Well now, so am I. But at the time, I couldn’t wait to be in London. I figured it was the place to try new things, and the thought of seeing the odd topless male model wondering the studio sweetened the deal.


I filled evenings and weekends with generic London fun found on Time Out. I started looking for a room, going to new places and trying (yes, trying. Its really hard down here) to meet new people.


Except London hasn’t been as sweet as I first imagined. And it definitely hasn’t been easy.


No one had ever mentioned the compulsory 12.5% service charge added on after ever meal, the impossibility of going to view a room and it still actually being available and the overpriced local shop where a chicken breast cost more than your own boobs would sell for. Not to mention the fact I didn’t see a single male model at Men’s Health and I’m currently homeless.


But I’m still eagerly waiting for September to start at SCA. Hopefully then with somewhere to sleep, maybe a new friend (I’m not greedy) and a completed summer project under my belt.


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