Jacob’s Mega Advertising List – By @JacobDeFig

By Jacob de Figueiredo


Hi friends. A huge part of this game is constantly keeping yourself inspired, reading up on the industry and making you sure you know what work YOU want to make. Work that inspires and shows people the sort of person you are. Peter Souter once said work needs to make the public either laugh, cry or think. It’s that simple.


It’s also one of those career paths where you can get through by just doing the bare minimum, you have to love what you do and make sure you’re constantly working your mind. Over the course of my journey I’ve collected a series of resources, which I’ve found it useful to check on a regular basis, usually in the mornings before school starts.


Without further ado, here’s the mega advertising list:



(If you haven’t already) and start following some big hitters to get daily updates into the world of MADMEN.


Dave Trott

Graham  Fink


Rory Sutherland



The School of Life




THINGS TO WATCH is a great place to get lost in for a day watching amazing people talk about anything and everything.

Reading isn’t for everyone so here are some good little videos to watch on advertising & creative thinking.


Do Schools Kill Creative

Life Lessons of an Adman

Sweat the Small Stuff

Perspective is everything

Changing Education for Creatives




Things happen everyday and the main places to find out first are…

Campaign Live




Creative Criminals



Awards ceremonies are usually the best places to watch all the greatest ad campaigns and creative work.

The two main awards shows are Cannes Lions & D&AD. 

My personal thoughts on the best work of 2015 are…

The OtheR Side

Under Armour Gisele

Clever Buoy

Beer Tooth

Between Us App




There are some ads that people will refer to or reference no matter how long ago they were. 

Some are film, some are digital but they’ve all won more awards and recognition than any others and it’s always good to have this knowledge in your back pocket.

Johnnie Walker – The man who walked around the world

Johnnie Walker – Gentlemen’s wager

Honda Cog

Chipotle – Back To The Start

VW – Snow Plow

Dumb Ways To Die

Dove Sketches

Push to add drama

LG Elevator

Ship My Pants  – Everything on here is GOLD. I’d recommend watching them all.


Books to Read:

–       Hey Whipple Squeeze This

–       The Advertising Concept Book

–       Damn Good Advice (For people with talent)

–       It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be


SCA gets tough but I find reminding yourself about where you could be and the work you could be creating to be the most motivating resource there is out there. I try and look at one piece of amazing working each day at least. It’s easy to forget that advertising can be pure entertainment instead of just noise because most of it sucks. Finding out what work you want to do and finding out fast is so helpful when it comes to deciding which agencies you want to work for and the best way of achieving that is by watching and consuming everything and anything that’s out there in the world.

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