What else I could have done with 15k – By @bbrice01

By Becky Brice



What else I could have done with 15k.

Education is expensive. And as I watch my bank balance quickly dwindle into nothingness I wonder what I would have done with the money if I hadn’t have come to SCA. Here are some thoughts, some more realistic than others.

Put a deposit down for a (small) flat
Travelled the world (or a section of it)
Created an exhibition
Paid back ALL of my student loan and gone back to being debt free Bought a car

Given it to charity
Given it to my parents
Bought some land
Bought some llamas for said land
Put it into savings
Had some plastic surgery
Bought some nice jewellery
Become a sponsor of the school
Helped my friend out
Paid my rent for multiple months without working
Invest it
Bought a factory
Got it out in cash and rolled around in it
Made it rain
Burnt it
Made art out of it
Put it in a briefcase and felt really cool
Paid for my grandma to come over from Australia
Gone over to see my grandma
Bought 15,000 packets of Jaffa cakes
Seen some shows on the west end in the good seats
Bought a holiday home
Given it to a political party
Bought a whole load of books
Started a magazine
Gone to the casino
Flown first class on BA
Redecorated the house
Worked towards an invention
Bought a wind turbine
Bought some prime advertising space / time
Saved it for my niece and nephew
Build a home cinema room
Go live in a jungle
Bought a small island and become a recluse
Gone skiing
Bought 2000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets
Revamped my kitchen
Gone to live in Germany for a year, swanning around eating pretzels Bought a boat

Bought a tiger
Bought 15,000 sharpies and realised they don’t last more than a day
Built a house out of jenga
Got them DDs
Hired a magician for a year
Bought an engagement ring and pretended I had somebody to love me *weeps* Bought 10 of the most expensive donuts
Invested in bitcoin
Bought a 3 bed house in Detroit
Bought a desktop Mac (or two)
Hired a 20ft t-rex
Hired someone to follow me around playing the elephant march from Jungle Book.

These are just a few ideas that could have been a real treat. But hey, I didn’t do any of them. I decided to try and get a job doing something I liked and could one day be good at. If I succeed I will have made the right decision, as much as I’d still really like that first class flight.

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