Iambic SCABameter – By @FMickshik

Iambic SCABameter

A SCAB. A copywriter. Talent. Flaunt it. 

A chance to prove to Marc why he accepted;

Flo’s rhyming SCAB has hammered down the gauntlet

I see this glorious quest and must accept it.

But how to top such neatly crafted verse?

With scansion that would make a poet proud

I’d dread to churn out something that is worse

Especially if it’s ever read aloud.

I guess iambic pentameter will

Suffice for me to use to tell this tale

 There’s still about 400 words to fill

I wonder just how fast it will get stale?

On Monday Rob set us A DOUBLE BRIEF

A silent film and animating quotes

The fresh Adobe challenge gave me grief

My software skills will rarely win me votes.

On Tuesday Mr Cain was introduced

He walked us through some hacks for SCA

He forgot to share his slides ‘til half way through

His words still echoed in my ears all day.

Marc shared a sticky thinking masterclass

He had us rate some ads on scales of ten

We all regretted scoring them so harsh

When remembering we’d be compared to them.

On Wednesday we had Richard set the scene

Remorseless product focus is his schtick

His Gordon’s ads were nothing except green

But quirky copy made the ideas stick.

Mike Nicholson was Thursday’s brand-new friend

His CV reads like my ideal career

Handwritten letters, what a thing to send

To help him find new work when none seemed near.

On Friday we submitted what we’d done

The moving text, the films we’d put together

Rob said our comedy was clear and fun

We lost to tragedy, who cares, whatever.

The weekend rolled around, what a relief

And yet a nagging thought was in my brain

I just want Monday NOW and a new brief

I cannot wait to do it all again.

No rhyming dictionaries were used in the making of this SCAB

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