What Do You Want To Be When I Grow Up? By @thomas_ludo

Ludo Thomas

By Ludo Thomas


What Do You Want To Be When I Grow Up?

The title of this Scab is a little confusing but it was intensional because this topic always confused me. When older people said to me, with a somewhat serious tone, ‘what do you want to do when you’re older?’ I had absolutely no idea what to say. What usually followed was a patching together of what had been and gone, what I liked, and what I was doing at that moment, a sort of linguistic shuffle that never really answered the question. It becomes even worse when I realise I did this elusive dance at the not so tender age of 23, still blissfully unaware of my future.

However, fast forward one year, (to the position I’m in now) if I were to be asked by Uncle Francis what plans my future held, I could quite easily regale him with the exploits of my past two weeks and the fact that I have two incredibly exciting professional opportunities to choose from.

Now I believe I’m a Copywriter more than an Art Director. However, referring to our agency visits these past two weeks, it’s become clear that one should understand both disciplines, and this couldn’t excite me more. Having the option to learn two creative positions, to double my arsenal, and make myself that more able to express my creativity is such a blessing. Now it may not be the prettiest path to begin with, and there definitely will be lot’s of fumbling around trying desperately to stick to the hallowed grid, but I’ll get there eventually.

I wonder if they will be more impressed now I have two jobs?

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