BIMA – By @_ElliotL

By Elliot Lee




The BIMA awards. I don’t know what the fuck it is really, but it sounded pretty cool on the website, and it’s really benefitted former alumni in their successes of landing great creative jobs. No matter how you spin it, awards progresses your career exponentially in this industry. Whether you’ve done an award-winning piece that gets you your first entry-level job from student to creative, or a senior winning an award in order to jump to creative director level. They have relevance in the industry, because it’s an added incentive to push your work as far as you can. Personally awards are cool, but in reality for me, making great work comes first.

That being said. If winning one of these get’s us students the foot in the front door of a dream agency, why have they stopped it. What the BIMA awards could of represented is opportunity, diversity and impact on young aspiring creatives. Unfortunately they’ve fucked it, because dollar signs mean more than opportunity. The BIMA student awards could have been a beacon of hope to all students who are really struggling. It could have represented prospect based on the work produced, not the way you look, talk or come from. These creative awards don’t make judgement of you, but what you are making, and how you want to leave a footprint on this world.

Nevermind though. I’m sure making the entry requirements for a company to have a turnover of £1m+ is a great way to represent diversity, and progressiveness.

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