Anniversary – By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16



One month ago we started our first Town Hall. We asked ourselves, how would we describe this month using 3 words…

Where’s the beef? (Nick K.)

I am tired. (Katy)

Create, eat, sleep (Becci)

Mind fuck. (Sebastien)

Bring the noise. (Ben G.)

No more potatoes. (Matt)

I am hungry. (Nunu)

Total eye opener. (Beatrice)

Really shitty alcohol. (Zac)

Boots meal deal. (Larry)

Chicken and soup. (Angus)

Rinse and repeat. (Tristan)

What just happend? (Sokaina)

Shit, more briefs. (Ethan)

Sex, Drugs’n Zac! (Dennis)

Enjoy the now. (Nihal)

Be the difference. (Adriano)

Whoosh. Boom. Crash. (Laura)

Face the reality. (Blaz)

Make. Nipples. Hard. (Matthew)

Break the rules motherfucker. (Drew)

Came. Too. Quick. (Owen)

Need fresh air. (Nick L.)

Are you kidding? (Federica)

Build and destroy. (Tomas)

Stimulating, nurturing, affecting. (Nadia)

Lunch break sun. (Ben T.)

Don’t look back. (Alex)

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