Welcome to the playground… – By @CharlesHueWill1

By Charles Hue Williams


Welcome to the playground…


I was inspired by a beautiful notion taken from another episode of the show I mentioned last week ‘Abstract’ (Netflix). The notion is based around the misperception of playtime. Playtime is a far more progressive and important process then you may have originally believed. The version of playtime I am referring to, with a seemingly mythical significance, does not allude to gaming or playing with toys based upon instruction. These games frequently require a set of rules which narrow imagination. Instead this play time refers to playing outdoors and exploring the world around us. This method requires imagination. Formed through the perception of a non physical existence or the use ambiguous objects with no defined purpose until allocated. A play time with no direction, no preconceived ideas, but instead a completely open mind. No toys or tools provided, just nature in its rawest form, a form that requires full immersion to meet its truest potential. Keeping this in mind, how many of us managed to reach that potential? I know I did.


The reliance of having to use imagination to provide enjoyment in turn amplifies development. Encouraged by my parents to go in search of our own amusements, I would find myself inspired by new ideas and engaging in a different form of learning. As a child exploring the outdoors and a fabricated realm, we find ourselves on a natural treasure hunt for dots, with one discovery leading onto the next. As humans playtime is a significant part of development. 


‘Play is as essential as food, air, sleep, whatever else we have to do to stay alive, play is therapy, it engages our brain and gets our body and mind in tune with each other.’ 


As we grow up, many find themselves distanced from this ideal but reconnect over periods of time through outlets such as sport, exercise and dance. I think it is amazing therefore that we actually get to do this constantly in our vocation, rather than just as a sideline of our personal time. The studio is our very own playground, a safe area for our imagination to run wild and our potential to be maximised…whilst, of course, having a good time. I guess we’re all just big kids at heart.


People always ask which of my parents was the creative, given that all three of their children are so heavily influenced by creativity and they look perplexed when I answer neither. I have to admit this usually inspired the same thought in myself, thinking it was a little strange, only to take no notice again, moments later. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents are not without their creative merit but they’re certainly not on the frontlines either. Finally, I think I understand the answer to that question…creativity is not a gene passed down in DNA but instead a skill learned through exploration. A tool developed to enhance curiosity and inspire challenge. Creativity has to be nurtured, a thirst to be quenched. SCA has taught me you can not rest on your laurels, thinking that you were born ‘a creative.’ Instead, creativity has to be earned. In our case however we’re lucky enough to achieve this whilst having a great time. Who said work had to be boring!


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