What we plan to do after SCA

We’ve learned so much this last year and have so many lessons we can’t wait to put into practice once we finish. But we’re looking forward to getting back to our lives after SCA. Here’s our list of things we plan to do and achieve between SCA and starting placements:

Rohmarra: Sleep, fun, maybe a little sun, make a music video for literally anyone because I miss it.

Alec: Take a shit in a forest somewhere. Hopefully camping, if not then I’ll find some large trees in London.

Hope: Create a line of turtlenecks for turtles to wear. It will be called Necks. Also I will kidnap Marc’s dog.

Anna: Get the world record for the largest number of Pret Perks ever earned.

Jodie: Transcend this astral plane and eat a few cornichons as a treat.

Sunset The Dog: World domination

Nesu: Achieve everything else on the list.

Issie: Buy a house on a cliff and live out the rest of my days making shell jewellery and casting spells on tourists. Also grow fairy wings.

Travis: Crystal meth.

Molly: Find inner peace.

Nicole: Travel the world and settle down then and possibly create a fashion magazine.

Tara: Melt in the sun playing tennis.

Xavier: Surfboard, tent, mushrooms. Hopefully by the sea—but if not the livingroom will do.

Rob: Sprawl in the sun and shrivel up like that scene at the end of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie, then take my dogs to the beach. Also a Fasta Pasta pop-up in London. 

Juliette: I’ll get some rest in the countryside, enjoy with my family and drink with my friends!
What a nice treat… 

PJ: Book myself a place on a hippie retreat. Try some of that ayahuasca I keep hearing about.

Lara: Open a vortex portal and feed some mutant fairies frankfurters

Annie: Roller Skate until my wheels wear down to round little nubs.

Liv: Who knows, natural disasters are frequent and devastating.

Nabeel: Pretend to be a croissant and trick people into thinking i’m not there so i can enjoy the peaceful quietness of life. 

Charlie: Go back to Toronto and tell the government that this relationship between our two countries will never survive

Jess: Try to bring my blood pressure back down to normal, and change my surname for a boy.

Jamaal: Engage in annual pink panther watch, as has been far too delayed.

Anu: Do nothing. Maybe listen to my breath and paint my room just to watch it dry.

Thank you!

Honey x

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