Changing frequently. By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe


Changing frequently.


Subconsciously (all advertisers love this) I’ve been fickle.  I’d give things a good try but never really saw anything through to the point of it becoming ‘my thing’. Its always been viewed as a negative, an unattractive trait to switch from thing to thing.


Of course, I had my favorites. A few things I’d practice more than others. But in general, I got my kicks out of trying something new. I indulge in seeing something new for the first time, I can’t wait to know how it makes me feel and I crave seeing how others react. So I dive in head first at whatever comes my way, picking and pulling at things to see if they’ll make it into the ‘try again’ column of my notebook.


I have friends that have stuck to one thing and they’ve become amazing. I know record-breaking runners, story telling illustrators and moving music makers. Not having one jaw dropping skill has started to make me question whether having a wandering mind has hindered my progress.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt nervous when my skills in certain areas are lacking. And after the master class on moving my time into tiny boxes, I panicked at the thought of losing my wandering time to discover what new things can I hunt out each week.


Then I stumbled upon this by Leo Burnett:


‘Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people’. Not only did being fickle now have a purpose, it had never sounded so good.


Over the last three weeks my opinions and thoughts on things have changed somewhat dramatically. I’ve even adopted processes I didn’t think I could (killing my babies has already started to happen). Being open to change and to change frequently, has enabled me to adapt, pick up and throw out ways of thinking, acting and problem solving that my not so fickle friends may struggle with.


Being fickle, (definition: ‘likely to change, changing frequently, not constant or loyal’) whilst studying at SCA might just come in handy. But just to be clear, I’m most defiantly loyal. To you SCA and my fellow classmates. 









(Definition: ‘likely to change, changing frequently, not constant or loyal.’)








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