Life on wheels – By @GwenDzelle

Life on wheels 

So let’s say those last few weeks were a bit weird.  

You know, usually, I’m safely placed into a dark cupboard near the toilets, surrounded by other  bags and dusty cases. Of course, we were all completely moved around a couple of days ago  when they took the Christmas cases out, so I gathered that it was cold again outside and  somewhat they transferred a tree inside… Scared the hell out of me the fist time I saw it, Philippe  and I just went back from a business trip. Weird tradition but sure, whatever they want, you know.  So yeah, we were all kinda expecting that move. But like 3 days after, she came back. Took  several of us. Looked, measured, weighted. And then she chose me because supposedly I was  the biggest. Rude.  

She stuffed me like a turkey with clothes, pencils, bedsheets, and liquid things with which they  apparently use to wash. Weighted me again, and said I was too heavy – I mean RUDE again. That  happened at least 4 or 5 times. You could sense the excitement in her voice, but it tamed a bit  every time a word was pronounced. Ah, what was it… Bovid ? Cobiv ? Co… Ah, I don’t  remember, Co something.  

But anyway, I knew the drill. I knew we were going somewhere, not my first time you know, you’re  talking to an experimented one. And off we went, first the car trunk, and then, there we were. The  airport. I almost didn’t recognize it, it was, kinda, empty… Time arrived for the boarding, her  parents gave me a last look, I winked at them and said « don’t worry guys ! I’ll take care of her,  she’s in good hands! ». They didn’t answer but I know they heard it, they always do.  And then it was black again. For several hours. I usually hate that part, I mean, we are all mushed  together in the luggage bay, and I don’t know why, I’m always between the stinky one and the  sticky one. But this time, it was different, I couldn’t feel anything. It was like I was alone… well not  really, I could hear others sliding from one side to another. But still.  

The light came on again, they had put me in those sliding things, it looked like a familiar place but  it didn’t seem like it. I wondered what time was it? I know it’s winter but, it’s dark outside but the  flight wasn’t that long… was it? It seems it’s over midnight but not sure it was, nobody’s there.  The silence reigned, you could hear people walk, you could almost hear their whispers.  After the second trunk experience, it seemed like we were there, I met 2 new persons, they really  do seem nice. 

So now, I’m stored again, everything has its place. What will she do?  

Something’s wrong. I know her, she usually finds every excuse to go outside and explore the  moment she poses her foot onto an unknown land. But it’s been almost 10 days and she stays here, in the same room, looking at the window… Last night, I heard English voices, what you  never hear of bilingual suitcases before? Anyway, they were saying it was lockdown again for at  least 6 weeks… that’s odd, I’m perfect bilingual but I just can’t get around that word, It has a  notion that a suitcase can’t understand I guess… Lockdown. 

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