Martin and Olly win Students of the Year at D&AD

Congratulations to Martin Headon and Olly Wood ( @wearemolly ) for winning Students of the Year at D&AD New Blood. They had earlier won Pencils for their Peace One Day campaign.  If you haven’t seen it already, you can find it on our Home Page, or up on our YouTube page.

 Olly nearly missed out on collecting his awards because he needed a wee.   Martin seemed more occupied by the choice of music played when the winners went to collect their Pencils than by the fact that he was up for the most prestigious Pencil of the awards ceremony.

 Olly (on the left in the photo) is still holding it in when this photo was taken.  This is moments before they won the Students of the Year award.   That is why he looks  like he might be gritting his teeth a bit, whilst Martin is already in the zone for a big night of celebrating.

 Olly managed to visit the Little Boys’ Room moments after receiving his award from Rosie Arnold, President of D&AD and Deputy Executive Creative Director of BBH.   Martin was speechless for the first time ever.  We all hugged them both when they came back with their awards, knowing that Olly was the kind of bloke who would definitely wash his hands after a wee.  And then we celebrated.

Rosie was kind enough to come and spend some quality time at our New Blood Stand, bringing a bottle of champagne with her.   Quite how she manages to be so switched-on and full of fun, even after a marathon week of Cannes, pitches and D&AD duties is extraordinary.  Full marks to her for the stunning yellow dress.   The Braze wouldn’t have been able to carry that one off!

 Now that we have all celebrated and sobered up, there are two important messages that I wanted to share.

 The first is that both Martin and Olly gave up jobs that didn’t make them happy so that they could do something that they knew they wanted to do.   They have both made great sacrifices in leaving employment to become students at School of Communication Arts, and they have worked their socks off every day whilst at the school.   Fifty hour weeks in our studio were normal for them.   They made their own luck and deserve the success that follows.   We can all learn from that.

 The second is that both students have benefited from industry-funded scholarships.   Olly won a full scholarship in last year’s main scholarship competition.  If you haven’t seen it already, you must check out his entry on the @wearemolly website.   Martin won a half scholarship because we saw his potential and we understood that he couldn’t afford our fees.   We couldn’t have awarded those scholarships without the financial support that we receive from our industry.  These great agencies deserve a lot of credit because they are helping  to develop exciting new talent.

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