Creative Techniques – By @TomokoMonno

Tomoko Mono

By Tomoko Mono


The creative techniques we leant from Mark and Marc were very helpful and an eye-opening experience. I had experienced struggling to produce ideas which are beyond my ordinary boundaries. My ideas used to be based on research and they were all relevant for the projects, yet they are not surprising and unexpected solution which I assume is essential for the ad industry. I may be wrong, but If I think of the ideas D&AD yellow pencil winners get, they are all beyond relevant and appropriate ideas of lower grades of pencil winner. I am here to learn the technique of producing unexpected and surprising ideas at SCA.


I used to feel more comfortable working on projects on my own instead of as a group in the past, but I hope to improve how to work collaboratively by communicating and respecting others at SCA as most of the projects are in groups. It is hard to listen to others when I think I have better solutions, on the other hand, I appreciated the moment others brought better solutions to the table and the moment we shared the achievement.

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